I don’t really feel like I can scream about Picard intelligently because I haven’t seen Star Trek: Nemesis – or indeed the majority of TNG – so I feel like I only have a shaky grasp of the politics of the time period.

For instance I had to check 3 things when the episode ended because I was confused.

Trust me I really want to scream about Picard because it has captivated me and I have questions! The problem is I think part of me is wondering whether I have so many questions because I’m not as familiar with Trek as I should be.

Seriously though *all the screaming* !!!

Now please excuse me while I go and watch Voyager. I’m tempted to watch TNG or to try DS9 but as I can only watch one episode at a time I figured I should just stick with one show at a time.

I just need all the Trek. Picard is making me want all the Trek.