Watching old TV is weird for a lot of reasons but today it’s the fact that it is square.

(Yes watching Picard made me crave Trek and I have a nausea headache and am weak and resigned to Netflix)

I’ve watched all of Discovery, Enterprise and a handful of TOS and Next Generation before. In the past I found TOS just too old and Next Generation was odd, I found the characterisation to be inconsistent but perhaps I should have given it more of a chance.

I looked up the dates and Voyager premiered just a couple of years before Stargate SG1 so I thought it would watch better so I’m trying that first. Thus far I’m hella confused and wondering (from google) if I should have watched DS9 first to get the intro to the Cardassians etc. But google said Voyager could be watched on its own.

I like Janeway which is a good start as I always need something to keep me interested. I’m sad that the female pilot died so quickly, I liked her, and I’m seriously confused as to how holograms can be solid. I mean that holographic doctor was picking stuff up!

Also shouldn’t they have scanned themselves after getting poked with needles? I would be worried about having something implanted or a contagion or something but they have just ignored it completely.