After a three hour nap to try and banish my splitting headache (it worked but now I feel hungover) I watched the second episode of Voyager.

Confirmed: I really dislike Paris.

Neelix might be slightly less annoying than I thought at first, I am reserving judgement.

Janeway is awesome though I like her. She has a very expressive face. You can really see the subtle agony in the decisions she has to make which is what Star Trek is right? It’s not about space battles, it’s about decisions and their consequences.

I admit I might have been predisposed to like her because I thought she was great in Warehouse 13 but that edge won’t hold for long if the show itself doesn’t work for me.

Still I am finding this a lot more promising than previous attempts at TNG/TOS. I won’t be able to make a proper judgement for a few more episodes but gut feeling is good and my gut is usually right (not always, initial gut was wrong about Farscape and I’m glad I gave it a second chance).