Just watched Star Trek: The Motion Picture because after watching Nemesis I figured I would go back and watch the rest of them.

Sweet merlin that was boring.

It dragged horrifically. Like maybe they weren’t used to writing for a 2 hour movie so stretched out the usual 40 min TV storyline.

Also the costumes! Oh my what were they thinking? It looked like they were all wearing pyjamas.

The actual story itself was alright, it was core Trek but it just took such a long time to get to any of it. I think as an episode it would have been great.

But still as a movie would not recommend unless you are going for completionist points.

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Ah, “Star Trek: The Motion Sickness”. Yes, Trekkies *were* so desperate that we would sit through almost anything that meant new Trek. Also: which version did you watch? There are at least three different cuts, and one is much more watchable that the others. And, yes, the uniforms are horrific.

I have no idea.

I streamed it through NowTV as I got an 80% off deal for a month which meant all 10 Star Trek movies. It was 2 hours long if that helps any. Honestly until you told me I didn’t know there were different cuts.

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Yes: there’s “the original theatrical release” which is horrible. The “director’s cut” is longer but much better. It shortens the tech porn of “omg it’s the Enterprise let’s look at it for ten minutes!”. If it has the scene where Spock goes out and actually meets Nomad (I mean V’Ger) and comes back and reports to Kirk, then that’s one of the good cuts. There’s a third cut which plays with the effects and the Ilea/Decker plot some.

Spock attempted a mind meld and I think Kirk had to go get him and he woke up in sickbay? So he did kinda go and meet V’ger and report back that it was like a child with needs. So maybe? It was one of the good cuts – in which case I really shouldn’t complain! Haha.

Honestly though regardless in my opinion it still dragged.

Bones was good though. I really liked how he called Kirk on his shit all the time. I mean Kirk didn’t exactly cover himself in glory in this movie anyway. Bones just tells it like it is. Best part of the movie imo.

It’s great talking to you about this! I’ve sort of dived into Trek headfirst lately. Do you have any favourite series/movie?

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Oh, they all drag. Robert Wise had no idea how to make a Trek movie. The best is, of course, The Wrath of Khan. One of the message boards rated TNG episodes in TWOKs. Only two TNG episodes (Best of Both Worlds and The Inner Light) ranked a full Twok. Several only ranked a few centiTWOKs.