Today’s random thought.

For the first two seasons (until they ruined the theme tune) I used to watch the intro for every single Enterprise episode.

I watch the intro for Discovery every single time.

I watch the intro for Picard each time.

I instantly skip the intro for TNG, Voyager and DS9.

I used to scoff at the “skip intro” button Netflix uses but now use it a lot.

It made me think about what makes a compelling intro. Picard looks incredibly symbolic. I was tempted earlier to write a post about how the initial broken shard then falling into new life of the vineyards, and then the Borg morphing with the planet and the shard fixing Picard’s face etc. Discovery was gorgeous art and Enterprise was interesting and I adored the theme.

This ramble is kinda going nowhere but just I’ve always loved intros and I was sad when the trend of a lot of shows became just a title card. A good intro makes me smile every time.