Star Trek 3: The Search for Spock

It was kinda sad that Spock wasn’t really in it.

Bones was outstanding as always.

Sulu and Uhura deserved more screentime. I liked how Sulu said that they were all in this together. I did think Uhura was coming back, what was the “rendezvous” point? I was surprised she didn’t appear.

I did feel for Kirk when he said “klingon bastard killed my son” which to be honest was about the first thing I’ve felt for him. Shatner is so wooden.

I hope they address the fact that they basically mutinied, sabotaged the new flagship, stole the Enterprise and then blew it up – I support them but they should get into trouble for that. Although I suppose as Genesis and it’s accompanying political difficulties has been conveniently destroyed they might get a pass.

I know that bringing back dead characters is a sci-fi staple but I still wasn’t thrilled about this plot. The whole Bones possessed angle was (executed brilliantly by the actor that plays Bones) but otherwise slightly strange especially if it’s something all vulcans do? I was a bit confused.

Anyway another movie down 🙂