Star Trek 4: The Voyage Home

Consequences! I said after I watched #3 that I hoped the crew hijacking the Enterprise etc. would be dealt with but as they were having another adventure I didn’t think it likely – I was wrong! I love it when my pessimism is unnecessary 🙂

Considering the Enterprise pretty much wasn’t in this movie at all (just a glimpse at the end) it was still a solid Trek movie IMO. I did find it a bit concerning that during the end of the Cold War there was a Russian and an African-American woman searching for ‘nuclear vessels’. I know Chekov was hurt but to be honest it could have been much worse, I’m glad they all made it out alive.

The way Bones, Spock and Kirk played off one another was a delight.

Also that whale doctor – when she grabbed Kirk to beam out and get a ticket to the 23rd century I thought “me too” because if I didn’t have any family to leave behind I would totally do that. Sometimes I think I was born in the wrong millennium heh because as I get older more wonderful technology is invented. I’m so glad I wasn’t born any earlier!

Oh and Spock when he knocked out that idiot on the bus with the boombox – everyone clapped and yup *clap* that was some solid wish-fulfilment there.

The effects weren’t great but it was a solid movie.

Star Trek 5: The Final Frontier

Back onboard a new but malfunctioning Enterprise. Again the dynamic between Spock, Bones and Kirk was great. I mean I still don’t much like Shatner’s Kirk in comparison to Chris Pine’s version, but as I see more of them together I can understand why they became the sensation that they are.

Question: are we supposed to ship Uhura and Scotty? Because I was getting definite vibes that something was going on there.

Plot-wise this movie wasn’t great. The whole strike team thing at the beginning didn’t work for me, I mean Uhura half-naked as a distraction? No thanks, talk about disrespectful. Also I really didn’t like how Sulu, Chekov, Uhura etc. just flipped like a switch into betraying the Federation (as supporting Sybok was against their orders and their Captain).

I did like Chekov playing the Captain and bluffing against Sybok, that was cool. I’m not quite sure how the Klingon general managed to convince the young Klingon Captain, especially into apologising! But I’ll gloss over that because of the great moment where Spock said “please not in front of the klingon’s”.

I hope they have fixed the ship up properly for the next movie.