Star Trek: Generations

Do not approve.

Made me cry.

When that little kid dropped her teddy bear and it got left behind on the exploding ship. Sniff. But it was alright because when the Enterprise was vaporised I figured some time shenanigans was going to happen.

Kirk showed up and then Picard said he wanted to go back just a few minutes before like what?

But then it looked like that was going to fail so I figured second go they’d go back earlier and the Enterprise would be intact and the teddy would be fine. But then that didn’t happen!

I mean seriously if you could go back to any point in time why not go back to before the trouble started? Or maybe a little bit earlier and Picard could have saved his nephew. I know that probably violates some rule about not taking advantage but I’m stunned that Picard didn’t even consider it before rejecting it for moral reasons (I’d have done it).

Seriously though why do movie makers always have kids drop cuddly teddy bears? Usually that puts the kid in danger as they run back for it (as would I) but to not save the teddy 🙁 honestly I’m upset. They said this movie would have emotional impact and yes I am emotionally compromised.

And yes I was also sad for Scotty and Chekhov when they went to Deck 15 and thought Kirk had been blown into space. Scotty’s “aye” had so much feeling in it.