Rented Charlie’s Angels (2019) to have something new to watch for a treat.

I have to say at the beginning I wasn’t sure about it. The beginning felt awkward and I figured that I was in for a disappointment.


It really picked up after the rock quarry fight. I think maybe that’s because the team started to gel better. Then there was the bad guy twist I didn’t see coming at all! I always rate a film higher if it surprises me and that surprise feels plausible (as opposed to just coming out of left-field purely to be surprising).

So yeah by the end of the movie I give it a thumbs up. I’m actually a bit sorry that I rented it as it means I won’t get to watch it again. I confess I do sometimes rewatch the early 2000 movies because their pure silliness is quite entertaining when I just want something light.

I wonder if they will make another one. I would watch.