Finally watched Batwoman 1×05.

I had to take a break because no matter how much I like stuff, sometimes I just don’t have the spoons for new things, especially new things that give me feels.

I felt really sorry for Mary Hamilton in this episode. She is so alone. She was already hiding who she was with the secret clinic. I think she pretends to be happy, to be the life of the party to hide how much of an outsider she feels in her own family.

I don’t blame Kate for not bonding with her how Mary wanted. Kate had lost Beth, lost that bond and replacing it would have felt wrong, and would also have been super scary because what if she lost it again? Patchwork families are awkward. You feel what you feel. One person might want to be close but if the other person doesn’t then that is their right.

Still it’s sad, she’s so alone. That was kind of the theme of the episode really. Desperate for connection, self-sabotage and fracturing into tiny pieces.