Watched Batwoman 1×06

Nearly didn’t. Thought about just giving the show up seeing as there might not be a season 2, or if there is it’ll be different with an all new recast Batwoman. But I figured might as well enjoy what little we have rather than lose out completely.

Anyway shocker! I wasn’t expecting Sophie to have it confirmed (pretty much) that Kate was Batwoman. I was half-expecting the usual “getting someone else to wear the suit to appear in the same place” fake-out and I’m so relieved they didn’t do that. I mean I get that it’s a ‘secret identity’ but there’s only so much mileage to get out of that and the conflict of actuallly knowing the truth, and being unable to share it, that’s infinitely more interesting imo. It really bugged me on Supergirl when Cat guessed and then they made her believe otherwise like dammit it would have been cool if she’d known.

I’m not surprised though that Sophie has opted to keep it to herself for the time being. a) interrupting that emotional hug was not the right time and b) having already betrayed Kate once like Mary said it would be hard to do it again.

Why was Hamilton making a weapon to get through the batsuit?

Oh and one last thought on the recasting (if it happens) – think Kirsten Stewart in Charlie’s Angels. That could work quite well. It could also go horribly (I thought she was terrible in Snow White) but yeah capture the Charlie’s Angels vibe and that would be a good choice imo.