Watched 1×07.

Oh damn they did do the “someone else wearing the suit” schtick and right after I had my mind blown because Sophie DID tell Kate’s dad. Only it wasn’t, it was Mouse imposter! That was a real shock but it makes sense because there’s no way Jacob wouldn’t have followed up on the “Kate is Batwoman” thing no matter what Sophie told him afterwards.

Still feel really sad for Mary :/ glimmer of hope at the end though as Kate reached out over the refurb of the gay bar. I hope that prejudiced arsehole of a restaurant owner chokes. The scene where Kate stood up to him, I was half-cringing with Sophie because confrontation scares me and half-cheering Kate on because nobody should get away with that. Little evils become big evils. Stamp out prejudice wherever it raises its ugly head.

Loved all the flashbacks of Sophie and Kate! Still breaks my heart. I loved how she told that Captain, and took Kate’s medal, though I’m amazed he didn’t discipline her.

I don’t like this Julia person much. Usually I like that kind of character but I don’t like how she lied to Kate when Kate was already reeling from Sophie. She at least apologised.

I literally yelled at the TV when Kate shot the tire and made the Crow van flip over. I mean that’s not exactly a very safe way to “save someone” and the Crow’s who were driving could have been hurt too. They are supposed to be on the same side.

OMG they are breaking my heart with Kate saying she’s not over Sophie but is going to “keep her distance” just gah and then Sophie gave her the medal back and she cried! Like I can’t take this. Sophie was totally lying about the “anything I felt went away” and it kills me because she’s hurting Kate but she’s also hurting herself.

Too many feels again!