I’ve been rewatching Lie to Me lately.

Last night I watched the season 2 episodes 7 and 8 (Black Friday and Secret Santa) and I completely forgot about episodes 5 and 6 and thought that 7 and 8 came directly after 2×04 Honey.

(wow that was a lot of numbers, confusing self)

Anyway my point is with the two connected in my mind (somewhat erroneously I know) I had the sudden unshakable thought that Cal and Gillian had hooked up when he went to see her at the end of 2×04. Cal had been held hostage all episode, it was an emotional time for them both. He went out with the woman he’d met at the singles mixer said “I shouldn’t be here” and then went to Gillian’s and asked if he could stay in her spare room. So there was no real indicator it was anything other than platonic.

BUT then I don’t know they just seemed super close and on the same wavelength, even more than usual. I swear I had more points because it just felt like it was yelling at me when I was watching but I was watching with someone else so I couldn’t pause it to ramble on tumblr as I sometimes do. Anyway I do remember where this leads and if I’m remembering right their relationship gets a lot more antagonistic as Cal does some stupid stuff, something to do with Vegas? It’s been years I forget. I’ll just enjoy this warm support while it lasts.

In a similar shippy-vein I’ve also been watching Unforgettable and I don’t really have a point except wow Carrie and Al have a LOT of chemistry. Seriously it’s like off the charts with the banter and the flirting. I get why they broke up in the first place. Obviously they didn’t get back together straight away because Al was dating someone else, and then Carrie was, but they split up so they are both single. They even had a night of comfort together in the season 1 finale so WHY are they not together now?

My brain I swear.