Usually blu-rays are a lot more expensive than DVDs. The price of them and of the player is why I have never converted and stick with DVDs.

Weirdly on this occasion the blu-ray was probably less than a 1/3rd of the price of the DVD which led me to discover that my computer’s drive is actually blu-ray haha. I must have ticked that when I bought it and promptly forgot all about it. Watching on the PC isn’t as comfortable but for the price I couldn’t opt otherwise.

Anyway, all you people that keep reblogging Supergirl on my dash have just been making me think about it. I watched the first 15 episodes I think? of season 1 a while back because I had a one month free pass to NowTV and I liked it. However, NowTV is stupid expensive (seriously I don’t understand why anyone actually pays for it, it’s about 3x the price of netflix just for TV as they have separate passes for TV and movies).

I didn’t really want to buy it because I don’t know if I’m that into it but it was £5 per season (season 1-3) which is pretty good and now I won’t be frustrated wanting to watch it anymore.

Thanks tumblr hehe