Assassin’s Creed Update!

(not using the title because that seems way too announcey)

A couple of weeks ago I rambled about AC Origins (and Odyssey) which I had got in the Steam summer sale. I said I’d mostly played Origins because that came first but I was enjoying it. I had a few gripes about aiming and the camera but for the most point it was a thumbs up.

Anyway I was enjoying it and the sale was still going on so I kinda … maybe *cough* bought Syndicate and Black Flag as well. I did restrain myself because I was tempted to get AC II, Brotherhood and Rogue as well. I didn’t because I wasn’t sure how the graphics would hold up these days and also I figured I had enough game with the 4 I already had to last me until next years steam summer sale!

I couldn’t resist Syndicate because it’s Warehouse 12 era (they even have a grappler gun!) and Black Flag is pirates. Those themes were just *grabby hands*. Now I haven’t booted Black Flag yet but I’ve played a few hours of Syndicate, so how is it different from Origins?

Well 1) the combat is a bit easier for me. I find I can see when to block etc. a lot easier. 2) the camera behaves! I can adjust it no problem with the controller which is how it should be (seriously that is the #1 thing that annoys me the most about Origins and otherwise I love that game).

There’s a lot of things that are the same which makes sense as it’s a franchise game. It’s comfortable in the familiarity and I like that. It’s not as open world as Origins with the sequences and I’m still not sure whether the bonus objectives are important or not. I’ve mostly been playing as Evie which is cool.

There seems to be more story in Syndicate around the whole “assassin’s creed” thing with pieces of Eden and more modern day stuff. I’m a little bit confused but that’s what google is for so if I have questions I’m sure I can find answers 🙂