So I‘ve been trying to get my hands on Sanctuary for ages. I had resorted to watching episodes on YouTube because there was no other way. Only season 2 was streaming (and season 2 really? Not 1 which was so not helpful) and that was only for 5 minutes as I believe it’s off prime again now.

Anyway I have now managed to get the DVD!

Buuuut it’s an import so all the packaging and everything is written in Dutch but hey can’t have everything. I just had to buy a french copy of Unforgettable. Apparently we aren’t releasing DVDs in England anymore (I’m being sarcastic these are more niche shows I guess).

I don’t think I actually have a point I’m just rambling. You know I read earlier that Stumptown has had the season 2 order rescinded so renewed and then cancelled which blows. As Sky bought it I still haven’t seen it yet and I really want to watch it. I read that they are going to try and find it a new home and I hope they do. Maybe they’ll sell it to Netflix or something (can hope).

You know I can’t remember if I have rambled about Sanctuary before or not. I should run a search or just repeat myself sometime. Today’s thought though is born from the episode I just watched. In that I feel really sorry for Helen as with her position (and her age and the fact that she’s not aging) that must be so lonely. The only one from the Five left is Tesla who makes a great enemy but a lousy friend. She can’t trust him but she can’t let him go either because he’s all she’s got in a perverse way.

Oh and I love it when Stargate actors pop up 🙂 just had Walter of “chevron one is encoded”. Very cool.