Oh also I had to stop watching after the city stuff because it’s Monday and I have guild stuff on a Monday in Warcraft. However, I am dying to know what happened with Tesla once they got back to the Sanctuary.

I kept expecting him to show up somehow because he hated being left behind but he didn’t, so surely he must be sulking.

Also given that John didn’t appear I’m guessing he somehow learned that Helen survived? I can’t imagine that he would vanish if he still thought her dead. In that post-apocalyptic AU episode after Helen died John took a nuke to an infested city and detonated it. The guy doesn’t want to live if Helen doesn’t and having been told the city executed her, I can just imagine him killing his way through the city until he got brought down. It’s not what Helen would have wanted but in his bloodlust thanks to the energy parasite inside him, I don’t think his rage would let him realise that.

I’m not surprised he disappeared. That fight to survive, killing Worth’s minions, will have got his blood up – he was quite literally covered in blood and he’s never liked Helen to see him like that if he can help it. If he has any control at all then he runs, it’s what he does.

To go back to Stargate again (I know, I know, what am I doing making two posts, I’m just rambling as I’m dead on Kil’jaeden, stupid orb knockback). Anyway, that energy parasite John has we kinda saw it before on Atlantis – season 1. Anyone else remember the episode with McKay and the energy shield and that thing that sucked in the energy creature so they could transport it through the stargate? I probably need to watch the episode again but it would be so cool if they found a device like that to suck the parasite out of John so he wasn’t cursed anymore.