This One Night episode of Sanctuary kinda sucks.

No Helen.

Abby is an idiot. I mean seriously she couldn’t find a phone? She just rushed back into captivity and she’s supposed to work for the FBI. How is that helpful?

I liked the Big Guy praising the Italian food. Better than? Oh yes. Seriously that’s the best bit of the episode so far.

Ok a little bit of Helen and her big picture thinking. That is making it more interesting after all. Plus with the schemes of his #2 running contrary to Helen’s plan. That’s too bad she got killed because in her own way she was trying to do the right thing. I guess it worked out because the Sanctuary could then arrest the bad guys and save the trafficked abnormals.

Awww I was hoping the end line would be Helen saying to Will “you’ll never know” because using her name wasn’t exactly cool. But I guess as Alfredo is pissed Will is going to have to steer clear anyway.

You know what I totally forgot. I watched Hangover before this obviously and that came after the city stuff and Tesla wasn’t there! It was obviously some time later as Helen had gone on a debrief about it. Still inquiring minds want to know whether Tesla was gone when they got back, or if he left once they returned. I’m thinking the latter because he’d want to be sure the job was done, he’d have a lot of snarky comments to make about leaving the best at home, and then I bet he snuck out next morning without saying goodbye having stolen something interesting, or at least taken several bottles of expensive wine.

I am in such a love/hate with Sanctuary right now because man I love it and I want to watch it so much! But on the other hand once I have watched them all then there is no more episodes – it’s a dilemma!