I just made the mistake of looking to see how many episodes of Sanctuary Tesla is in and how is it only 17? I am sad.

But unfortunately right under his name there was Abby (of the annoying one I half ranted about last night) with 9 – 9! That means I have to see her 7 more times. That’s not sad, that’s tragic, that really does make me want to cry. Hopefully it’ll just be background shots or something so I can ignore her.

Anyway today for some reason I wondered if fanlistings still exist. I was big into them like 15? years ago (wow way to make me feel old self) and so I googled. Yes they still exist but obviously have majorly declined as there’s nowhere near as many I don’t think. It was funny all the notable ones I thought were missing. If I was still into that I could clean up but alas I no longer care. It’s just not my thing anymore.

Total nostalgia bomb though.