In the Martian Chronicles Kara was a bit of a brat. I did enjoy how she fell all over herself to go “no nope no no way” about Mon-El but then they wrecked it by making her take an interest when she thought his interest was lost. Plus there was the whole thing with Earth birthday. I get she was disappointed but poor Alex. Also Kara is still being all ridiculous over Guardian. Like I said brat.

Anyway then there was Luthors.

“Kara Danvers you are my hero”

And all is forgiven. I love, love, love how Kara believed in Lena and never once doubted or let her down. I mean there was no evidence that Lena was innocent (and plenty of evidence that said she was guilty) so it was blind faith but you know what I like that. Kara knew Lena as a person, knew her character and that she wouldn’t do it and that was enough.

I guess I don’t have to like everything about Kara as a character. Hey I just called her a brat but she’s still a good person and I still want her to be happy. Plus come on that awkward “no no nope” with Mon-El honestly I was just yelling at the TV “just tell him you are gay” because really it felt like that should be where it was going.

I feel super sorry for Lena. Her step-mother is such a bitch, always going for the emotional manipulation. I’m glad Lena has Kara as a friend even if it’s not anything more than that right now (though it should be). Lena you get the last laugh darling, you are the final Luthor standing so you get the lot, good and bad, but you also get to write the ending.

A Luthor and a Super working together. Gotta love it.

Oh also I had to stop watching after the city stuff because it’s Monday and I have guild stuff on a Monday in Warcraft. However, I am dying to know what happened with Tesla once they got back to the Sanctuary.

I kept expecting him to show up somehow because he hated being left behind but he didn’t, so surely he must be sulking.

Also given that John didn’t appear I’m guessing he somehow learned that Helen survived? I can’t imagine that he would vanish if he still thought her dead. In that post-apocalyptic AU episode after Helen died John took a nuke to an infested city and detonated it. The guy doesn’t want to live if Helen doesn’t and having been told the city executed her, I can just imagine him killing his way through the city until he got brought down. It’s not what Helen would have wanted but in his bloodlust thanks to the energy parasite inside him, I don’t think his rage would let him realise that.

I’m not surprised he disappeared. That fight to survive, killing Worth’s minions, will have got his blood up – he was quite literally covered in blood and he’s never liked Helen to see him like that if he can help it. If he has any control at all then he runs, it’s what he does.

To go back to Stargate again (I know, I know, what am I doing making two posts, I’m just rambling as I’m dead on Kil’jaeden, stupid orb knockback). Anyway, that energy parasite John has we kinda saw it before on Atlantis – season 1. Anyone else remember the episode with McKay and the energy shield and that thing that sucked in the energy creature so they could transport it through the stargate? I probably need to watch the episode again but it would be so cool if they found a device like that to suck the parasite out of John so he wasn’t cursed anymore.

Watching Sanctuary. Starting to get a little bit obsessed actually. I’ve gone from “hmm will I like this?” to “yeah this is pretty good” to “thinking about it every free minute of my day” (that’s just how I roll).

Anyway I’m up to mid season three and I’ve reached the hidden city stuff. Now I don’t know what comes next and so it could all fall to pieces but I’m sorry my Stargate obsessed brain can’t help but draw parallels between the hidden city and Atlantis.

Think about the properties of the source blood, of the vampires, think about wraith (space vampires) and how they came into existence because the Ancients didn’t clean up their experiment with the Iratus bug properly when researching immortality.

What if when the Ancients abandoned Atlantis they decided to clear Earth of the Goa’uld and instead made Earth their new laboratory experiment? They’d seeded the second evolution of humanity years earlier, what’s to stop them from getting a little more exotic with the life they seed? Seeing what evolution does and thus producing the abnormals.

Magnus hasn’t aged, that was her gift from the source blood but four of The Five lived to be 150 something anyway. Druitt possibly (I’m speculating) because of the infusion of Helen’s blood, and Watson had that suit which somehow sustained him but Tesla? He changed the most, he went Vampire-like and got lots of abilities but also he got the not aging thing that Helen did.

So yeah it makes sense to me that the Ancients could have had a hand in creating the abnormals/vampires and of course the advanced underground city. Whether they survived to see that their experiment worked … well that’s where the AU has possibilities. Is the city home to immortal Ancients or did the Ancients die, and instead a group of humans stumbled on the city and took it for their own much like what happened with Atlantis?

I mean basically if it is just regular humans living down there then this could even be canon. It’s not obviously but so far there’s been no explanation as to the origins of the city/abnormals so there’s no reason why it couldn’t be the backstory.

I know, I know, I should stop connecting Stargate to everything. I did it with The Librarians and now with Sanctuary but it just works. I’m sorry the Ancients just have potential like that, plus I really love Stargate.

Ok I get that Kara is scared that James will get hurt or die by being Guardian but geez that confrontation was hard to watch.

“You are a human, you will never be strong enough” – can we say ouch?

I’m sorry I just find that horrifying. Like Kara thinks that she’s better than the humans a little bit deep down which doesn’t sit well with me. She really needs to respect James can make his own choices because that’s what it comes down to – it’s his life, his choice.

I wish that James had kicked the bad guys ass and hadn’t needed Kara to come save him but the team-up at the end when they all worked together was nice. Win definitely deserved Jonn chewing him out but I liked that Jonn also praised him and said he and James were an impressive team.

Honestly I just can’t even with how sancitimonus Kara is being “as long as you are putting yourselves in danger I can’t support it” like she’s not their mother. I’m glad Jonn showed them respect because damn it seems like he’s the only one that’s going to. I’m disappointed in Kara for this I really am.

Lack of respect was a theme because Mon-El didn’t respect that Kara could take care of herself and had to come save her (thus endangering the civilians). He said that’s because he likes her romantically in that very awkward confession at the end of the episode (seriously Kara could not have looked more uncomfortable) but that is no excuse. Deep friendship, romance, whatever, you can love someone and respect that they know what they are doing. To think you know best because you care is understandable, I mean who doesn’t want to protect the people we care about right? But that doesn’t make it right.

I really wish Kara had that revelation. That she was treating James how Mon-El treated her. Think how frustrating and annoying it is for someone not to trust you, to think they know best and to protect you whether you want them to or not. I hope she does realise that and apologise to James soon.

I love Supergirl.

Just watched “Supergirl Lives” with the Stargate and Win going “I’m not a red shirt!” and Kara’s real superpower of compassion and bravery saving the day.

That’s not the first time her refusal to move has inspired others, she won back National City after the red kyptonite thing by continually standing between people and danger even though it was hurting her.

Alex feeling like the universe was kicking her in the teeth for being happy, like karma was kicking in, was so relatable but damn girl you do deserve to be happy! Oh and I super loved the “glasses really don’t help” assessment by Maggie as she just knew Kara was Supergirl because of course.

Honestly the only thing that could have made this episode better would have been less Mon-El and more Lena.

So I‘ve been trying to get my hands on Sanctuary for ages. I had resorted to watching episodes on YouTube because there was no other way. Only season 2 was streaming (and season 2 really? Not 1 which was so not helpful) and that was only for 5 minutes as I believe it’s off prime again now.

Anyway I have now managed to get the DVD!

Buuuut it’s an import so all the packaging and everything is written in Dutch but hey can’t have everything. I just had to buy a french copy of Unforgettable. Apparently we aren’t releasing DVDs in England anymore (I’m being sarcastic these are more niche shows I guess).

I don’t think I actually have a point I’m just rambling. You know I read earlier that Stumptown has had the season 2 order rescinded so renewed and then cancelled which blows. As Sky bought it I still haven’t seen it yet and I really want to watch it. I read that they are going to try and find it a new home and I hope they do. Maybe they’ll sell it to Netflix or something (can hope).

You know I can’t remember if I have rambled about Sanctuary before or not. I should run a search or just repeat myself sometime. Today’s thought though is born from the episode I just watched. In that I feel really sorry for Helen as with her position (and her age and the fact that she’s not aging) that must be so lonely. The only one from the Five left is Tesla who makes a great enemy but a lousy friend. She can’t trust him but she can’t let him go either because he’s all she’s got in a perverse way.

Oh and I love it when Stargate actors pop up 🙂 just had Walter of “chevron one is encoded”. Very cool.

I’m watching CSI:NY now (I just can’t seem to stop) and I pulled out season 1 because I did a rewatch only recently. Season 1 is so different in style/colouring. The lab moved sets and it does have a whole knock-on-feel.

But there’s some really great character moments in season 1, and some solid episodes, it’s well worth watching.

Anyway, the funny thing today is I hear a voice I recognise and I’m like “is it? Is it really? Ooooh” because it was! Coulson did a guest spot as an ADA, he’s only been in one scene but I’m just like it’s Coulson hehe.

I hadn’t remembered that.


I’m watching CSI as I do sometimes. I don’t know why I get this impulse to binge watch a ton occasionally but it’s a thing. Anyway it’s the Leapin’ Lizards season 7 episode and I’m laughing.

The guy on the video that Grissom is watching said that aliens seeded life on Earth. That the first contact between humans and these aliens was on Atlantis.

(My mind instantly went to Stargate but wait! It gets better).

Ancient civilisations had records of these encounters, these aliens were highly advanced and called them serpents. The snake represented knowledge and weren’t human.

(Does that sound like goa’uld to anyone else?)

Ok what he says next is about myths of heroic fighting against snakes. They were the enemy. Cut off the tail the snake lives but cut off the head it dies.

(Sticking with goa’uld, they have the sarcophagus and can come back from death but if you cut the head off … well I don’t think that can be fixed. Probably the only sure way to prevent revival).

Anyway basically I’m just cackling like mad. Stargate and CSI crossover confirmed.

Watching Supergirl 2×08 and yay there’s Supercorp! I love how Kara empathised with Lena about sins of the parents and also was adamant that she knew her, and that Lena was a good person 🙂

I did roll my eyes though because right after there was the Mon-El kiss and my inner snark came out about them being scared of the gay and having to cover it.

Obviously this is the first time I’ve seen it but I still didn’t believe for one second that Lena was actually supporting her mother/Cadmus. Nice fakeout. I considered it was possible when she said “why not I’m a Luthor?” because I thought maybe she wanted to earn her mother’s love. I’m so glad that’s she knew that wouldn’t work and it was a bad idea.

Basically Lena = badass. I loved the “and I called the police.”

Oh and yay for Alex and Maggie! And now there’s some kind of crossover with The Flash? I’m hoping that’s skippable I only watch half the DC shows.

That Lena Luthor quote

You know it’s true what they say. Behind every great man is a strong woman. Oh, I wouldn’t know. I’ve never stood behind a man.

has the same energy as the Phryne Fisher quote

Beside every good man is a good woman, and she must always be ready to step in front.