Scratch that last I just got an offer which would enable me to watch all the Trek movies for £3.99 (plus anything else they have that I want to watch).

thought that I would be able to watch Blood and Treasure but bloody Sky are missing the first two episodes. I also can’t continue watching Supergirl as they’ve taken season 1 off.

Honestly it’s as bad as Prime only putting season 2 of Sanctuary up. If I’m going to try a show I want to watch the first episode initially!

/grumble, grumble

The Love of Writing

Another month, another WriYe blog topic! This one is a bit of a doozy and so begins the eternal dilemma of “how honest should I be?”. I feel like I know what the ‘right’ answer is and yet it’s not what is true for me and I’m not sure what that says about me. I guess all I can do is just write from the heart, as I always do with blog topics which is why they are such rambles, and hope that is ok.

I don’t particularly want to be cast out of the writer community haha.

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Spoke briefly with @worryinglyinnocent​ earlier and they made my mighty need for Pike, Spock and Number One even worse!

I had got all the references ready for a Bering and Wells artifact bagging drawing but now I’m thinking I might have to do the Enterprise crew somehow …

I have a mighty need!

Honestly if there truly is no spin-off and that brief glimpse on Discovery is all we have, I will be grateful to have had anything, but also very sad.

It’s like a tease such a brief glimpse …

#i have feelings#I’m going to have to rewatch all the Enterprise episodes now – all three of them#star trek: the lost years

After a three hour nap to try and banish my splitting headache (it worked but now I feel hungover) I watched the second episode of Voyager.

Confirmed: I really dislike Paris.

Neelix might be slightly less annoying than I thought at first, I am reserving judgement.

Janeway is awesome though I like her. She has a very expressive face. You can really see the subtle agony in the decisions she has to make which is what Star Trek is right? It’s not about space battles, it’s about decisions and their consequences.

I admit I might have been predisposed to like her because I thought she was great in Warehouse 13 but that edge won’t hold for long if the show itself doesn’t work for me.

Still I am finding this a lot more promising than previous attempts at TNG/TOS. I won’t be able to make a proper judgement for a few more episodes but gut feeling is good and my gut is usually right (not always, initial gut was wrong about Farscape and I’m glad I gave it a second chance).

Watching old TV is weird for a lot of reasons but today it’s the fact that it is square.

(Yes watching Picard made me crave Trek and I have a nausea headache and am weak and resigned to Netflix)

I’ve watched all of Discovery, Enterprise and a handful of TOS and Next Generation before. In the past I found TOS just too old and Next Generation was odd, I found the characterisation to be inconsistent but perhaps I should have given it more of a chance.

I looked up the dates and Voyager premiered just a couple of years before Stargate SG1 so I thought it would watch better so I’m trying that first. Thus far I’m hella confused and wondering (from google) if I should have watched DS9 first to get the intro to the Cardassians etc. But google said Voyager could be watched on its own.

I like Janeway which is a good start as I always need something to keep me interested. I’m sad that the female pilot died so quickly, I liked her, and I’m seriously confused as to how holograms can be solid. I mean that holographic doctor was picking stuff up!

Also shouldn’t they have scanned themselves after getting poked with needles? I would be worried about having something implanted or a contagion or something but they have just ignored it completely.

Fan Vote – Help choose one of the next Ultimate Collector Series Star Wars LEGO® sets!

It’s Clone Wars season!

aka you know what I voted for 🙂

There are two other options but I’m going to cross my fingers for this one. Not that I can afford it but I can dream.

On a related note I am seriously hoping that with Clone Wars season 7 there will be a wave of Clone Wars lego sets. I missed them when they came out in the past as I was in my wilderness years. A couple of battle packs of droids and clones at least would be amazing.

Star Trek has TWO secret TV Shows: Here’s what we think they are.

Please, please, please, please

Enterprise with Pike, Spock and Number One is top of my wishlist. I have not been quiet about that!

(I google all the time for news)

But this Seven of Nine possibility intrigues me because Jeri Ryan was incredible in Leverage. I can’t wait to see what she’s like in Picard.

(My one complaint about Picard btw is that I have to wait until next week to find out what happens next.)

#gimme that spinoff I want it so bad#star trek: the lost years#I live in hope#it’s a good time to love Trek

Ok how can I bombard Disney now that there is more Clone Wars that they really, really, really, really super need to make more Star Wars: Rebels?

I mean The Ghost had a cameo on Scarif and you just know that later on after the rivalry started that Han never let Hera hear the end of how he swooped in and helped Luke destroy the Death Star.

So they could totally do all the Rebel background stuff surrounding the OT.

OR we could get a kinda spinoff with Sabine and Ahsoka hunting down Ezra and Thrawn. I mean there’s still a big mystery there. Sure this would be less Hera which is sad but more Ahsoka which is good.

OR if they want to move things along then please tell me what happened with Spectre 7. Give us an older Hera working with General Leia and Jacen as the Ghost pilot who totally survived Kylo Ren’s tantrum but has turned away from the force (like his father did after Order 66). I didn’t get on with Star Wars: Resistance but that doesn’t mean they can’t try again with a different show surrounding the ST.

I just really super miss my Rebel crew :/

February 21st!!!!

A full MONTH and THREE DAYS before Disney+ opens in the UK *sobs*



So much Ahsoka and I love Ahsoka and it’s Mandalore and the only thing that could have made this better is if Satine had lived and there could have been more sass with Obi-Wan.

#I am not ready and yet I want it right this second