I’m watching CSI:NY now (I just can’t seem to stop) and I pulled out season 1 because I did a rewatch only recently. Season 1 is so different in style/colouring. The lab moved sets and it does have a whole knock-on-feel.

But there’s some really great character moments in season 1, and some solid episodes, it’s well worth watching.

Anyway, the funny thing today is I hear a voice I recognise and I’m like “is it? Is it really? Ooooh” because it was! Coulson did a guest spot as an ADA, he’s only been in one scene but I’m just like it’s Coulson hehe.

I hadn’t remembered that.


I’m watching CSI as I do sometimes. I don’t know why I get this impulse to binge watch a ton occasionally but it’s a thing. Anyway it’s the Leapin’ Lizards season 7 episode and I’m laughing.

The guy on the video that Grissom is watching said that aliens seeded life on Earth. That the first contact between humans and these aliens was on Atlantis.

(My mind instantly went to Stargate but wait! It gets better).

Ancient civilisations had records of these encounters, these aliens were highly advanced and called them serpents. The snake represented knowledge and weren’t human.

(Does that sound like goa’uld to anyone else?)

Ok what he says next is about myths of heroic fighting against snakes. They were the enemy. Cut off the tail the snake lives but cut off the head it dies.

(Sticking with goa’uld, they have the sarcophagus and can come back from death but if you cut the head off … well I don’t think that can be fixed. Probably the only sure way to prevent revival).

Anyway basically I’m just cackling like mad. Stargate and CSI crossover confirmed.

Watching Supergirl 2×08 and yay there’s Supercorp! I love how Kara empathised with Lena about sins of the parents and also was adamant that she knew her, and that Lena was a good person 🙂

I did roll my eyes though because right after there was the Mon-El kiss and my inner snark came out about them being scared of the gay and having to cover it.

Obviously this is the first time I’ve seen it but I still didn’t believe for one second that Lena was actually supporting her mother/Cadmus. Nice fakeout. I considered it was possible when she said “why not I’m a Luthor?” because I thought maybe she wanted to earn her mother’s love. I’m so glad that’s she knew that wouldn’t work and it was a bad idea.

Basically Lena = badass. I loved the “and I called the police.”

Oh and yay for Alex and Maggie! And now there’s some kind of crossover with The Flash? I’m hoping that’s skippable I only watch half the DC shows.

That Lena Luthor quote

You know it’s true what they say. Behind every great man is a strong woman. Oh, I wouldn’t know. I’ve never stood behind a man.

has the same energy as the Phryne Fisher quote

Beside every good man is a good woman, and she must always be ready to step in front.

Avenger’s Game

This game has been on my wishlist since I learned of its existence. I was disappointed when the release date was pushed back from May as I was planning on getting it for myself as a birthday present. This past weekend there was an open beta and so I tried the game out and I’m so glad I did.

It’s bad.

Like I’m the target audience for this game probably. I’m not very critical because I’m pretty useless at games and I love Marvel. Getting to play as my favourite characters = instant success, right? Well normally but with this game? Yeah not so much.

Ok so why do I think it’s bad?

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Watching Sanctuary and Daniel just showed up with a belly pouch like Teal’c 😂 I loved his crack about her hair because obviously Sam was blonde.

Obviously it’s not Daniel it’s Michael Shanks but it amused me.

I just watched 2×01 – The Adventures of Supergirl.


Like I swear it just oozed fun. Introducing Superman on screen was a stroke of genius. I loved watching them save the day together, I loved watching them be Clark and Kara, I loved Kara teasing him about changing his diapers. Then there was Clark and Cat Grant (I remember from Lois and Clark that Cat had a crush on him).

But but Lena Luthor.

Can I just say that it bodes well that Kara figured out what she wanted to do – her calling – because of Lena? Like I know this ship isn’t canon, I know I’m in for pain, but I’m a massive Bering and Wells shipper guys I don’t need no stinking canon. I need little moments that I can twist to mean things.

Oh and I absolutely loved Alex badass fight with Corbyn.

Also weirdly I liked that Superman and J’onn are at odds even though they are on the same side. It shows that not everything is black and white. I mean J’onn is right there were hostile Kryptonions – a bunch just tried to destroy the world with myriad – so holding onto a weapon which could combat their abilities makes sense. I can see Clark’s POV too though, probably reinforced by Cadmus and General Lane’s attitude, which is that he’s only ever one incident away from being declared an enemy. He doesn’t even have to do anything, the mood changes one day, or somebody new comes to power, and boom. I don’t think he’d mind so much if J’onn had it stashed somewhere secret because J’onn is a guy of integrity who would only use it against him if he did go rogue – it’s the government basically and can’t blame Clark for that!

If I remember rightly Supergirl switched networks so this shakeup in season 2 makes sense. The DEO office has changed, the Kara/James ship has been dropped etc. Plus I know Cat Grant is leaving. I am quite sad about the last one but overall if this premiere is any indication then I’d say the show is looking good.

I have now finished Supergirl season 1!

Seeing as I wound up buying Supergirl season 1-3 because of all the SuperCorp on my dash reading that Lena Luthor is going to be in the season 2 premiere makes me wish it wasn’t raid night 🙂

It’ll probably be Thursday before I can watch it. Oh well something to look forward to I guess.

So apparently channel 4 doesn’t have the rights to Agents of Shield season 7 after all…

No clue who does have them for the UK.

Just put it on Disney+ already I really want to watch!

It’s the final season, I love this show so much, just *screams*

Assassin’s Creed Update!

(not using the title because that seems way too announcey)

A couple of weeks ago I rambled about AC Origins (and Odyssey) which I had got in the Steam summer sale. I said I’d mostly played Origins because that came first but I was enjoying it. I had a few gripes about aiming and the camera but for the most point it was a thumbs up.

Anyway I was enjoying it and the sale was still going on so I kinda … maybe *cough* bought Syndicate and Black Flag as well. I did restrain myself because I was tempted to get AC II, Brotherhood and Rogue as well. I didn’t because I wasn’t sure how the graphics would hold up these days and also I figured I had enough game with the 4 I already had to last me until next years steam summer sale!

I couldn’t resist Syndicate because it’s Warehouse 12 era (they even have a grappler gun!) and Black Flag is pirates. Those themes were just *grabby hands*. Now I haven’t booted Black Flag yet but I’ve played a few hours of Syndicate, so how is it different from Origins?

Well 1) the combat is a bit easier for me. I find I can see when to block etc. a lot easier. 2) the camera behaves! I can adjust it no problem with the controller which is how it should be (seriously that is the #1 thing that annoys me the most about Origins and otherwise I love that game).

There’s a lot of things that are the same which makes sense as it’s a franchise game. It’s comfortable in the familiarity and I like that. It’s not as open world as Origins with the sequences and I’m still not sure whether the bonus objectives are important or not. I’ve mostly been playing as Evie which is cool.

There seems to be more story in Syndicate around the whole “assassin’s creed” thing with pieces of Eden and more modern day stuff. I’m a little bit confused but that’s what google is for so if I have questions I’m sure I can find answers 🙂