Disney+ launched today in the UK. Been waiting for it.

I confess to being distinctly underwhelmed though. I had DisneyLife previously and I’ve spotted a lot of titles that were on there which haven’t migrated to Disney+.

There’s also content missing which I know the US has but we obviously don’t. Common state of affairs. I mean the Netflix US library is about 4x the size of the UK one so I’m used to it. Doesn’t mean I’m not a bit exasperated at it though.

Anyway it’s launch day and Disney have to leave themselves somewhere to go. So I’m hoping the content that’s on my wishlist will get added eventually. Until then I need to stop myself from binge watching everything else that’s on that list

Watched Star Trek: Insurrection and I really do wonder why some people are surprised that the Federation is where it’s at in Picard. Really the Federation has no trouble deciding who is more important. I was sympathetic to the Klingon position (but obviously not their aggression) on Discovery because the Federation is expansionist and does protect its territory. This “move just a few people and steal their stuff” is part of a larger pattern.

I find it fascinating. The Federation as an ideal is amazing but there are issues and I do love that the verse doesn’t shy away from that. I especially like on Picard they are showing flaws in Picard. Often the Captain is the foil that stands up and is the good guy in comparison. That is still true but I do love it when it is nuanced.

I finished season 1 of Voyager. I looked up and Seven of Nine doesn’t come into it until season 4 apparently so a way to go.

I started DS9 (if I haven’t said that before). I was finding it a bit rocky but then Dax caught my attention as well as a spark of something with Sisko. Still early days. I’m finding Dr Bashir hard to take. Is he always such a creep?

Anyway I have now seen all the Star Trek movies. It’s a bit unfortunate that I couldn’t wait and watch them in the correct order along with the shows but I only had access to them this month, so it was watch or not see. Hopefully I can mentally place them later.

Star Trek: Generations

Do not approve.

Made me cry.

When that little kid dropped her teddy bear and it got left behind on the exploding ship. Sniff. But it was alright because when the Enterprise was vaporised I figured some time shenanigans was going to happen.

Kirk showed up and then Picard said he wanted to go back just a few minutes before like what?

But then it looked like that was going to fail so I figured second go they’d go back earlier and the Enterprise would be intact and the teddy would be fine. But then that didn’t happen!

I mean seriously if you could go back to any point in time why not go back to before the trouble started? Or maybe a little bit earlier and Picard could have saved his nephew. I know that probably violates some rule about not taking advantage but I’m stunned that Picard didn’t even consider it before rejecting it for moral reasons (I’d have done it).

Seriously though why do movie makers always have kids drop cuddly teddy bears? Usually that puts the kid in danger as they run back for it (as would I) but to not save the teddy 🙁 honestly I’m upset. They said this movie would have emotional impact and yes I am emotionally compromised.

And yes I was also sad for Scotty and Chekhov when they went to Deck 15 and thought Kirk had been blown into space. Scotty’s “aye” had so much feeling in it.


Star Trek 4: The Voyage Home

Consequences! I said after I watched #3 that I hoped the crew hijacking the Enterprise etc. would be dealt with but as they were having another adventure I didn’t think it likely – I was wrong! I love it when my pessimism is unnecessary 🙂

Considering the Enterprise pretty much wasn’t in this movie at all (just a glimpse at the end) it was still a solid Trek movie IMO. I did find it a bit concerning that during the end of the Cold War there was a Russian and an African-American woman searching for ‘nuclear vessels’. I know Chekov was hurt but to be honest it could have been much worse, I’m glad they all made it out alive.

The way Bones, Spock and Kirk played off one another was a delight.

Also that whale doctor – when she grabbed Kirk to beam out and get a ticket to the 23rd century I thought “me too” because if I didn’t have any family to leave behind I would totally do that. Sometimes I think I was born in the wrong millennium heh because as I get older more wonderful technology is invented. I’m so glad I wasn’t born any earlier!

Oh and Spock when he knocked out that idiot on the bus with the boombox – everyone clapped and yup *clap* that was some solid wish-fulfilment there.

The effects weren’t great but it was a solid movie.

Star Trek 5: The Final Frontier

Back onboard a new but malfunctioning Enterprise. Again the dynamic between Spock, Bones and Kirk was great. I mean I still don’t much like Shatner’s Kirk in comparison to Chris Pine’s version, but as I see more of them together I can understand why they became the sensation that they are.

Question: are we supposed to ship Uhura and Scotty? Because I was getting definite vibes that something was going on there.

Plot-wise this movie wasn’t great. The whole strike team thing at the beginning didn’t work for me, I mean Uhura half-naked as a distraction? No thanks, talk about disrespectful. Also I really didn’t like how Sulu, Chekov, Uhura etc. just flipped like a switch into betraying the Federation (as supporting Sybok was against their orders and their Captain).

I did like Chekov playing the Captain and bluffing against Sybok, that was cool. I’m not quite sure how the Klingon general managed to convince the young Klingon Captain, especially into apologising! But I’ll gloss over that because of the great moment where Spock said “please not in front of the klingon’s”.

I hope they have fixed the ship up properly for the next movie.

Star Trek 3: The Search for Spock

It was kinda sad that Spock wasn’t really in it.

Bones was outstanding as always.

Sulu and Uhura deserved more screentime. I liked how Sulu said that they were all in this together. I did think Uhura was coming back, what was the “rendezvous” point? I was surprised she didn’t appear.

I did feel for Kirk when he said “klingon bastard killed my son” which to be honest was about the first thing I’ve felt for him. Shatner is so wooden.

I hope they address the fact that they basically mutinied, sabotaged the new flagship, stole the Enterprise and then blew it up – I support them but they should get into trouble for that. Although I suppose as Genesis and it’s accompanying political difficulties has been conveniently destroyed they might get a pass.

I know that bringing back dead characters is a sci-fi staple but I still wasn’t thrilled about this plot. The whole Bones possessed angle was (executed brilliantly by the actor that plays Bones) but otherwise slightly strange especially if it’s something all vulcans do? I was a bit confused.

Anyway another movie down 🙂

Today’s random thought.

For the first two seasons (until they ruined the theme tune) I used to watch the intro for every single Enterprise episode.

I watch the intro for Discovery every single time.

I watch the intro for Picard each time.

I instantly skip the intro for TNG, Voyager and DS9.

I used to scoff at the “skip intro” button Netflix uses but now use it a lot.

It made me think about what makes a compelling intro. Picard looks incredibly symbolic. I was tempted earlier to write a post about how the initial broken shard then falling into new life of the vineyards, and then the Borg morphing with the planet and the shard fixing Picard’s face etc. Discovery was gorgeous art and Enterprise was interesting and I adored the theme.

This ramble is kinda going nowhere but just I’ve always loved intros and I was sad when the trend of a lot of shows became just a title card. A good intro makes me smile every time.

Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan

I can totally see why it is considered the best Star Trek movie.

The plot was tight and continuous. There was some good banter and some great character moments. Bones was my favourite again (clearly I’m destined to like every incarnation of Bones). Kirk was a lot more likeable in this than the first movie. I was suspicious from the very first time David Marcus brought up Kirk that maybe Kirk was the father but I wasn’t expecting it to be true! That took me by surprise, I hadn’t heard about that.

And then there was Spock. Oh dear Spock. On the Kobayashi Maru test at the beginning I thought “dramatic isn’t he?” when Spock play-acted getting hit and falling down. But of course there was the iconic ending scene. Kirk’s look of desolation and the sprinting down the corridors and then the fateful line “I am and always shall be your friend.”

I think iconic kinda sums it up.

Khan was insane. I suppose revenge kinda is insane. I haven’t seen him in the TOS and I really should because I thought he was a clever calculating adversary. The superior intellect wasn’t really on display here. However, please don’t get me wrong I’m not complaining. Like I said the plot was tight and made sense. I mean after losing loved ones and being marooned for 15 years in hell I’d definitely be insane too!

The uniforms were still a bit weird. The engineers were clearly spacesuit inspired but the bridge crew? What was that weird white flap? Still a million times better than the pyjamas of the last movie. My big question though is WHY didn’t they just stick with the original uniforms of the TV show? Trying to be different for a movie I guess but still don’t fix what isn’t broken.

If I’m honest it’s not my favourite Trek movie *ducks rotten tomatoes*. Also I’ve seen Into Darkness a few times and Kirk’s realigning the warp core sequence was a lot more dramatic than Spock’s steaming cooking pot but I think that’s a product of the times.

Would definitely recommend this one. Solid movie. Great soundtrack. I cheered when it started up because iconic Trek tune. I now definitely want to see the next one because it left a positive feeling – thumbs up!

Just watched Star Trek: The Motion Picture because after watching Nemesis I figured I would go back and watch the rest of them.

Sweet merlin that was boring.

It dragged horrifically. Like maybe they weren’t used to writing for a 2 hour movie so stretched out the usual 40 min TV storyline.

Also the costumes! Oh my what were they thinking? It looked like they were all wearing pyjamas.

The actual story itself was alright, it was core Trek but it just took such a long time to get to any of it. I think as an episode it would have been great.

But still as a movie would not recommend unless you are going for completionist points.

anneelliotscat replied to your post “Just watched Star Trek: The Motion Picture because after watching…”

Ah, “Star Trek: The Motion Sickness”. Yes, Trekkies *were* so desperate that we would sit through almost anything that meant new Trek. Also: which version did you watch? There are at least three different cuts, and one is much more watchable that the others. And, yes, the uniforms are horrific.

I have no idea.

I streamed it through NowTV as I got an 80% off deal for a month which meant all 10 Star Trek movies. It was 2 hours long if that helps any. Honestly until you told me I didn’t know there were different cuts.

anneelliotscat replied to your post: anneelliotscat replied to your post “Just watched…

Yes: there’s “the original theatrical release” which is horrible. The “director’s cut” is longer but much better. It shortens the tech porn of “omg it’s the Enterprise let’s look at it for ten minutes!”. If it has the scene where Spock goes out and actually meets Nomad (I mean V’Ger) and comes back and reports to Kirk, then that’s one of the good cuts. There’s a third cut which plays with the effects and the Ilea/Decker plot some.

Spock attempted a mind meld and I think Kirk had to go get him and he woke up in sickbay? So he did kinda go and meet V’ger and report back that it was like a child with needs. So maybe? It was one of the good cuts – in which case I really shouldn’t complain! Haha.

Honestly though regardless in my opinion it still dragged.

Bones was good though. I really liked how he called Kirk on his shit all the time. I mean Kirk didn’t exactly cover himself in glory in this movie anyway. Bones just tells it like it is. Best part of the movie imo.

It’s great talking to you about this! I’ve sort of dived into Trek headfirst lately. Do you have any favourite series/movie?

anneelliotscat replied to your post: anneelliotscat replied to your post “Just watched…

Oh, they all drag. Robert Wise had no idea how to make a Trek movie. The best is, of course, The Wrath of Khan. One of the message boards rated TNG episodes in TWOKs. Only two TNG episodes (Best of Both Worlds and The Inner Light) ranked a full Twok. Several only ranked a few centiTWOKs.

Scratch that last I just got an offer which would enable me to watch all the Trek movies for £3.99 (plus anything else they have that I want to watch).

thought that I would be able to watch Blood and Treasure but bloody Sky are missing the first two episodes. I also can’t continue watching Supergirl as they’ve taken season 1 off.

Honestly it’s as bad as Prime only putting season 2 of Sanctuary up. If I’m going to try a show I want to watch the first episode initially!

/grumble, grumble

Spoke briefly with @worryinglyinnocent​ earlier and they made my mighty need for Pike, Spock and Number One even worse!

I had got all the references ready for a Bering and Wells artifact bagging drawing but now I’m thinking I might have to do the Enterprise crew somehow …

I have a mighty need!

Honestly if there truly is no spin-off and that brief glimpse on Discovery is all we have, I will be grateful to have had anything, but also very sad.

It’s like a tease such a brief glimpse …

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