UK finally got Batwoman and


Honestly I really liked this pilot episode. I always find it hard to put my finger on what makes a show gel for me because I think it’s a mix. I thought the villain was intriguing, the pacing was good, the music was on point, the characters interesting etc.

I’ve found the DC shows to be a bit hit and miss. Thumbs up to Black Lightning and what little I’ve seen of Supergirl. Didn’t like Gotham or Arrow or Legends of Tomorrow. Haven’t been able to try The Flash.

Anyway thus far my impression of Batwoman is that I like it better than Supergirl and so far it confuses me a lot less than Black Lightning. Seriously I watched the premiere of season 3 of Black Lightning the other day and I couldn’t ramble about it because I really wasn’t sure what was going on. I like Black Lightning, I’m invested in the characters, but the story is ???

Anyway I have to wait a whole week now for the next episode. At least having to wait months for Black Lightning season 3 meant Netflix dropped the entire season in one go. E4 is broadcasting Batwoman on Sunday nights. Oh and to complete my grumbling about having to wait 😛Alibi UK picked up Stumptown but that’s a paid for channel so I still can’t watch it.

Sorry I should probably ramble a bit more coherently than “wow that Batwoman episode was good!” But that’s what I’m thinking.