Watching Supergirl 2×08 and yay there’s Supercorp! I love how Kara empathised with Lena about sins of the parents and also was adamant that she knew her, and that Lena was a good person 🙂

I did roll my eyes though because right after there was the Mon-El kiss and my inner snark came out about them being scared of the gay and having to cover it.

Obviously this is the first time I’ve seen it but I still didn’t believe for one second that Lena was actually supporting her mother/Cadmus. Nice fakeout. I considered it was possible when she said “why not I’m a Luthor?” because I thought maybe she wanted to earn her mother’s love. I’m so glad that’s she knew that wouldn’t work and it was a bad idea.

Basically Lena = badass. I loved the “and I called the police.”

Oh and yay for Alex and Maggie! And now there’s some kind of crossover with The Flash? I’m hoping that’s skippable I only watch half the DC shows.