I’m watching CSI as I do sometimes. I don’t know why I get this impulse to binge watch a ton occasionally but it’s a thing. Anyway it’s the Leapin’ Lizards season 7 episode and I’m laughing.

The guy on the video that Grissom is watching said that aliens seeded life on Earth. That the first contact between humans and these aliens was on Atlantis.

(My mind instantly went to Stargate but wait! It gets better).

Ancient civilisations had records of these encounters, these aliens were highly advanced and called them serpents. The snake represented knowledge and weren’t human.

(Does that sound like goa’uld to anyone else?)

Ok what he says next is about myths of heroic fighting against snakes. They were the enemy. Cut off the tail the snake lives but cut off the head it dies.

(Sticking with goa’uld, they have the sarcophagus and can come back from death but if you cut the head off … well I don’t think that can be fixed. Probably the only sure way to prevent revival).

Anyway basically I’m just cackling like mad. Stargate and CSI crossover confirmed.