Wrote loads today. It was 4thewords fault. I just had to keep beating Tylu for claws. Managed to hand in a few quests. I love that feeling! 🙂

Also decided to move up the source blood experiment from “hinting at the end of the epilogue” to “part of the actual fic”. I’d introduced both Nigel and Nikola so it made sense. Plus I needed something to give the next bit some structure. They are being miscommunicating idiots at the moment and I don’t want to bang on about that too much, but timeline wise I needed the story to go on before the resolution. Pacing.

So Helen just told John and James about the existence of abnormals. They discussed research but that isn’t going to hold for long hence bringing in the source blood. I’m a bit concerned about length. I’m not trying to drag it out but it’s getting to be long (almost 40k) and I really hope it’s not boring.

I’m thinking about how long it’s going to take me to finish it. I’m thinking about Camp NaNo and what project to pick. Ideally it would be good to start a new one and try and do the NaNo experience with a fresh project and try and finish it. However I don’t know how that’s going to sync up. If I finish Choosing Fate middle of this month and then move to Fall of Camelot where is that going to leave me for the start of April?

My inclination last 2 days has been to try and write faster but it’s a crazy hope to think I could finish Fall of Camelot by the end of the month. I’m still tempted to try though. I guess maybe I’ll know better what is likely later this month. Still after hoping that I’d finish Choosing Fate by the end of January I am relieved at least to feel like I’m approaching the end.

Words Written: 2,846
Current Total: 39,675