Ahsoka is a week tomorrow. A WEEK TOMORROW!!! This is not a drill.


Oh man I am going to be so useless next Wednesday until I watch. I think I read they are doing a double drop and there will be 2 episodes and I’m not sure my heart can take it. One episode will overload me on feelings.

I’ve watched the trailer several times and I am nervous. I am clinging to the “you have no power” from the Dark Jedi because the “master” to Ahsoka is freaking me out. Kanan trained Sabine for a while when she had the darksaber. They specifically discussed her not being force sensitive. I so much do not want them to walk that back. Sabine is amazing as an artist, as someone that loves explosives, as a Mandalorian with a jet pack and blasters. That is more than enough. Mando, Bo-Katan, they fight with the darksaber and aren’t Jedi. Sabine can be awesome with Ezra’s saber without the force too.

Honestly I am just gonna be screaming because Hera! Chopper! The Ghost!!! My beloved Rebels back on screen. Given that Zeb cameoed in the Mandalorian I am bummed he doesn’t seem to be appearing in Ahsoka :/ They are family.

A week tomorrow. I need to remember how to breathe.