This might be petty I don’t know but I bought a new mattress today. Mine is 25 years old and killing my back. Anyway! As part of the purchase I had to give my full name including title

There was Doctor and Mr. Then there was Miss, Ms and Mrs, as apparently even in 2023 we are still defining women by marital status. None of the above was not an option.

I just feel like this is a micro example of how pervasive gendered shit can be. First I don’t know why a title is even mandatory. Sure be proud if you worked to become a doctor but otherwise personal choice, no? Second as NB there was no valid option, I had to pick one, and that sucks. But even not being NB why are there still three options for women based on marital status? That just feels so wrong.

So yeah we need a neutral title and/or make titles not be mandatory AND we should make a title for women not based on relationship. I suppose Ms. is supposed to be that which is probably why it got so much stigma. But I can’t speak to that for sure as I haven’t researched it.

Anyway thought of the day.