Liveblog of episode 7 of Ahsoka.

Is there really just one more? Yikes.

“No I protected the New Republic by ignoring you” and a lot of hidden smiles at that. Best way she knew how. You know it’s easy for them to criticise, “can’t have people still acting like it’s a rebellion” but Hera was a child in the Clone Wars, grew up fighting the Empire. I think it was Thrawn who said war was all she had ever known. But while I do actually sympathise with the position that there has to be chain of command, and people can’t just do whatever they feel like in the name of the Republic, there is something to be said for wisdom and experience. It wasn’t like Hera attacked anything, or created an enemy. I would have thought part of naming someone a General was acknowledging that they had the ability to use their head when necessary. Hera has earned the right to be given a little leeway. She knows what she’s about.

“I don’t know what frightens me more, the possibility of what might happen or your unwillingness to see it”. You know this Senator guy strikes me as someone who wants to protect his powerbase. He didn’t fight in the rebellion, but obviously wasn’t part of the Empire, so clearly he kept his head down – and that’s no way to gain power. Now he has that power, he is maybe terrified of another conflict because he doesn’t want to be in danger. He dismissed Hera’s account as a ‘childish fairytale’ when really he’s like a child, thinking if he closes his eyes what he can’t see isn’t there.

Yeah! C3PO and he’s there for Leia. I mean obviously because unless they recast… so sad. I love that she is still there in spirit though and I doubly love that Leia is basically using her status to give the middle finger to dicks like that Senator. I’m sure Carrie would approve. I love that Leia is lying for Hera, I just love it so much. First she was trying to cover and now she’s just like, whelp guess I better do it myself, and that is her whole character there.

Chopper growling at the insult to droids. Love it. Oooooh Leia is leader of the defence council. That makes sense. I love that for her. Shame she doesn’t have Mon Mothma’s job to be honest but I guess if it got out that Vader was his bio-dad that could be awkward, it’s lucky that she’s head of defence.

Oh my holo!Anakin! That’s like what Kanan had downloaded. Ezra watched those recordings. He clearly made this one for Ahsoka directly but I like that Anakin did make more for general use. He was a skilled fighter and that would have been helpful in the time of the clone wars, when masters were away from the temple and not there to train the younglings so much.

For Huyang who likes to be right, the worst thing probably is that he is hoping he’s wrong. I love that. “At least the whales are providing some cover” – it was probably hurting them! Poor whales 🙁 And yeah finding an imperial minefield in another galaxy is a pretty good indicator they are in the right place. Thrawn noting that Anakin was her master suggests to me awareness of him having previously met him and/or that he became Vader as the novels stated.

The Emperor died – that’s what people say. Typical dry Sabine but also she kinda called that there, just because they say it doesn’t make it so. Zeb mention!!! Yay, I have missed him. I feel like Ezra really learned some patience while he’s been lost. I guess he got older but he’s just noting “complicated” and not pushing it. I mean especially after Kanan and in the finale he did lean into the whole ‘listening to the force’ thing and that did make him a bit more zen rather than angry how he had been. I guess I am concerned he’s not pushing as time is a factor. They kinda need to ‘hitch a ride’ somehow or they will be stuck there. I am worried that Sabine isn’t showing any sign of urgency. Usually she would be tapping or pacing or worrying at something somehow I feel.

I liked that Ezra was surprised that Sabine became Ahsoka’s apprentice, his spluttered question of “why?” and same, hard same. He said he guessed it made sense as Sabine learned a bit (calling back to the darksaber) but that was purely bladework not the force. It’s annoying how they are just circling round that. I’m not sure I like that they are using a master/padawan bond because Kanan and Ezra never really did that. Maybe Kanan didn’t know how to make one? Or maybe they just never called it that exactly, they could sense each other.

Impatience for victory will guarantee defeat – that is definitely a lesson Shin needs. I am not surprised they are parting ways Baylan never was interested in Thrawn or the Empire, and Shin clearly wanted the political power. I hope Sabine gives Ezra his lightsaber back, he could reflect those bolts. Why isn’t Sabine giving Ezra the lightsaber?? She has her blasters!! Oh I thought Ahsoka was jumping down to Sabine, not Baylan. Interesting.

I about threw my hands up in the air – finally! When Sabine tried to give Ezra the lightsaber but then he wouldn’t take it. WHAAAT?! He didn’t give it to her, not exactly. He left it behind because Thrawn said to come unarmed. I am facepalming. I mean sure Sabine has used it and modified it but a lightsaber is a lightsaber. Yeah they are harder to use when not attuned I think? But Kanan used Ezra’s just fine. And “the force is my ally” I mean yeah but you use the force + a lightsaber most of the time. I mean force push/force jump/force reflexes only get you so far. Maybe Ezra just wants to see what Sabine can do? Or maybe after all the years without a lightsaber he’s worried he’s rusty and she’ll be better than him anyway?

So what was the point of the fight with Baylan then? Ahsoka didn’t finish him. She just used Huyang’s bombs to run away as she couldn’t beat him. Why fight him at all? Why jump out at Baylan and not wait and jump out near Sabine? It doesn’t make sense.

“Well they are all back together. I hope I survive long enough to see the outcome” oh I love it. So funny. I do love that Sabine is mostly fighting like a Mando. I love that Thrawn is still a strategic master. I hate that Ezra refused the damn lightsaber. I mean he doesn’t need it I guess but ugh. I’m also worried that she seems to have dropped one of her blasters. I know, I know, it’s weird of me to be tracking her equipment but it’s things like that which bug me.

Oh no. Oh no. Oh no. “I’m getting a feeling, I think I might be going home after all” – why? Why did you have to say that? In story terms that’s like a neon flashing sign which says nope you are not going home. I’m not sure if they will kill him off or Ezra will sacrifice himself and stay behind. I’m sure it will be heroic but damn I wanted a happy ending. I wanted Ezra to reunite with Hera, and to meet Jacen, maybe even train Jacen. Sad 🙁 I mean ok it’s not happened yet, I could be wrong, but it’s like when Huyang made them promise to stay together, I knew that meant they wouldn’t and that’s why it would all go bad /sigh.

Is there really just one more left? I am not ready for that. Also I ask again how they can possibly wrap everything up in time. It better be like double length or something.