It’s the final!!! I am not prepared. Ahhhhhhh! Ok breathe, breathe. I’m scared. Alright let’s do this!

Liveblog episode 8.

“There is little the Jedi can do to stop us now” and Thrawn being like ‘well you would think that wouldn’t you’ but the rebellion lives to surprise imperials. Thrawn has learned from Ezra’s heroics and is taking steps not to be caught out again. That will make victory harder.

I am so worried Ezra is going to die. I mean technically nobody here appears in the sequels so they could all die, but Ezra being a Jedi is always a ?? as to why he wasn’t there hence being maybe killed off. I just really do not want that. I want more adventures first at least.

What did the nightsister matriarch do to Morgan Elsbeth? I mean it was death magic of the nightsisters, and the sword on fire is weird. Some kind of nightsister lightsaber? I really am confused about what is going on with them and what they are getting out of this alliance with Thrawn. He seemed pleased by what he witnessed, like it was playing into some kind of plan? But as I have no idea what the nightsisters were doing I can’t guess what plan that is.

Ahhhhhhh!!!! OMG OMG OMG!!!! I am screaming. Huyang is helping Ezra build a new lightsaber!!! Oh that is like a bucket list tick. So awesome! The banter between Ezra and Huyang was amazing and then the “who taught you how to build a lightsaber anyway?” and Sabine’s answer of “Kanan Jarrus” and I swear I forgot how to breathe. Kanan!!! Huyang remembering Kanan (well Caleb) was just awwww and then giving him a part that was a twin to Kanan’s. I am tearing up here. Ezra has a new lightsaber and it’s blue like Kanan’s. Oh I love it.

Huyang confirming that Sabine’s family is all dead was a gut punch, but an expected one. Hearing that Ahsoka feared Sabine would turn to the dark side??? Please do not disrespect the real Ahsoka like that. If she knew Sabine at all I can’t fathom that she would actually think that. Did Sabine have anger and pain and fear? Yeah. But she built that weapon which destroyed Mandalorian armour. She didn’t know what would happen with it. She couldn’t have been more than 16 – she was still at the Academy (so in school) but she took full responsibility. She knows the pain of hurting others – and did everything she could to make it right. That isn’t a path she ever wanted to walk. She forever chose what was right, rather than what was easy. No, no Ahsoka might have lied to everyone including herself that it was doubting Sabine, but I think it was more Ahsoka’s own fear, rather than any real belief that Sabine would go dark.

Plus can I just say for one last time – SABINE DOESN’T HAVE THE FORCE!! She can’t be a Jedi. She can use a lightsaber but that is not the same thing. She doesn’t have the force. This whole ‘unlock potential’ thing I just don’t see it and I don’t like it. Waste of screentime. It makes zero sense!

A small lock of Sabine’s hair blowing in the wind was adorable. It was just sticking straight up. Mine does that sometimes.

Awwww Ahsoka saying that she understood Sabine’s choice and in a lot of ways supported it, and then said she was going to be there for her – can we say fucking finally. It’s what they deserve.

“Being a Jedi is not about wielding a lightsaber” I feel like I’m just staring at the fourth wall like ??? erm yeah obviously. Which is how Sabine can’t be a Jedi.

Don’t they have shields? Oh no it crashed! Not Ahsoka’s ship. It was so cool with how it spun and it had all of Huyang’s inventory on it – meaningful inventory like the twin to Kanan’s emitter. They can fix it right? I want them to fix it 🙁

Oh it looks like Huyang is fixing it so here’s hoping. The sacrifice I think they mean about the stormtroopers is them being left behind. I think it’s cool how even though Ezra is grown now Sabine still treats him like the younger brother and so he rides behind her, while she steers the wolf thing.

Ooooh Sabine got her helmet back. They must have put it on Ahsoka’s ship. I wasn’t sure if Hera had taken it on The Ghost.

“Sabine help out” are you kidding me?? She can’t move a cup when she’s concentrating (because she doesn’t have the force) and Ahsoka really thinks when she’s avoiding being shot and riding a wolf she can really do it then? I mean sure adrenaline helps but I kinda think it was a distraction. Better to keep two hands and not fall off or get shot. Although I suppose Sabine was fine but still – going too far for a delusion.

“Sabine blasters” thank you. Yes good. Fight like the Mandalorian you are. That was a pretty cool fight sequence to be fair. Oh no. Nightsister zombies. So that was the sacrifice. Their lives and then undeath.

Oh Huyang better not be left behind. I am so scared. I really want to know what the mysterious cargo is too. Clearly Thrawn just asked Morgan to stay behind and delay. That fire sword will be brought into play. Oh yes there it is.

I liked the “go I’ll handle this” and Sabine’s “we stay together remember” as yeah! Let’s learn from mistakes but then Ahsoka insisted /sigh. Wouldn’t they dispatch here more quickly 3 against 1? Interesting that Morgan didn’t stop them from circling round and getting behind her. I guess maybe she thinks stopping Ahsoka is stopping the real heavy hitter and that’s enough?

Oh man can they stop taking Sabine’s helmet off! First I can never not think about Din Djarin’s absolute horror. Second I get obsessed about tracking it as I worry about it being lost or left behind. Ewww I could see a bit of the zombie underneath that death troopers helmet. Nasty.

Sabine summoned the lightsaber. She used the force. Was this supposed to be a real victory moment? I suppose I should have seen it coming as they were pushing the Jedi Sabine narrative despite all evidence to the contrary – but that’s precisely it. How? She didn’t have the force when Kanan knew her. I mean Qui Gon Jinn said the living force is in all things but that doesn’t mean everyone has the ability to access it, if they just work really hard does it? I mean in a universe of trillions there were only ever ten thousand Jedi Knights. That does suggest the ability is rarer than that.

Oh no. Oh no. I am so scared Ahsoka is going to be left behind now. Although maybe if she can fix her ship she could catch a whale back? Oh I thought they could jump onboard but no Sabine and Ezra didn’t make it either. This would be a great time for Huyang to make an appearance. And now all of a sudden Sabine has the confidence to throw Ezra several feet in the air?? That’s a hell of a risk for her second time.

Ooooh one of Ahsoka’s lightsabers got cut in two. Did Sabine make the jump? Oh no she is there. Oh man I have such anxiety.

Haha Ezra impersonating a stormtrooper on comms – I love that callback! Oh please please let him take a helmet for his collection. Oh thank merlin Sabine picked up her helmet. Phew. Yay Huyang did fix the ship. What a relief! Jedi lightsaber history has been preserved. Now they just need to catch their ride home. I am so scared. Like when Sabine said in answer to where Ezra was that he was “going home” I was like ‘but not at your expense! Nobody would ever want that’.

Oh nice Thrawn admitting he knew Anakin/Vader. Why did he call Ahsoka a “Ronin”? I had to put the subtitles on for that sentence as I couldn’t make the word out. Google says a ‘samurai without a master’ but Ahsoka is an adult and has no need for one. Ahsoka never technically took her trials but I am not sure Obi-Wan did either? He beat a Sith (Maul) which was more than enough. Ahsoka has beaten loads of Inquisitors.

“Today victory is mine. Long live the empire” and they got left behind?!?! That’s gonna get fixed right? I mean they can catch a whale right? Ezra will turn the ship around for them right? I mean I refuse to accept it ending like this. Although I suppose Shin is still there, and Baylan is up to something. So maybe there is still more story to resolve before they get to go home? I guess I can live with that. Well with extreme anxiety as how long until the next instalment?

Also Ezra is all alone on Thrawn’s star destroyer. Oh no he didn’t. Oh yes he did! Ok so Ezra is safe, he is with Hera – why didn’t they hug!?! They should have hugged. I love that Chopper knew it was him but they so missed an opportunity for Chopper to hit him in the ankles and Ezra to yell at him for being a metal menace. I wonder if maybe Hera didn’t go and hug him because her mind froze on the fact that he was alone, in stolen stormtrooper armor and shuttle – not with Sabine and Ahsoka on her ship. That does instantly imply a lot of bad things like Thrawn’s return and the loss of Sabine and Ahsoka.

I wonder what they were suggesting Sabine saw at the end? Also the “we are where we need to be” “it’s time to move on” could be in relation to them camping with these…. Ahhhhh force ghost Anakin!!! Did not see that coming. Ok but yeah what I was saying about the natives. They move around a lot so it could be innocent Ahsoka’s words or it could be in relation to Baylan and whatever plot he has running. I lean towards the latter. Although I would have thought they’d be more worried about Thrawn’s return (and that mysterious cargo?) and all their friends back home.

There is supposed to be like an Avengers style movie or something I think? With the Mandalorian show and Ahsoka, and Book of Bob Fett casts all coming together. I guess we have some idea of what they will be doing but man isn’t it 2025 when that comes out? I know, I know I survived all these years since the Rebels finale not knowing Ezra’s fate and at least Ahsoka and Sabine are together but still.

On the other hand I was concerned about how they would tie up all those threads with such little time left, and the answer is that they just didn’t – no answers provided. Ezra is back with Hera and the New Republic, Thrawn is back, and everything else is up in the air.

I am still going back to Sabine with the force… it just doesn’t make sense. There was never any suggestion of it. She was an incredible hero without being a Jedi. Not everyone should be a Jedi.

Also I am bummed we didn’t get to see Jacen again, or the Ghost!!!! And a 5 second scene with Hera, Chopper and no hug with Ezra was just not enough. I still miss my Rebels crew 🙁

Ok! Wishlist for when we see them again. I want a hug with Ezra and Hera – that is her eldest son thank you very much. I want Ezra and Jacen to meet and maybe for Ezra to train him. I want Zeb back! Please give me a scene of them all back on the Ghost together, if only for a minute. I want Chopper to prank Ezra. I want Sabine to paint something. Now I know, I know, these are all callbacks and I am not trying to stifle the characters from growing. Sometimes we can see more how they have changed by putting them in familiar environments. Also I don’t care if it’s fan service. I don’t want them to live on the Ghost again and be a crew – it’s fine they have moved on – just give me a little shot of them together. Plus signs that they are still family and still keep in touch.

I can’t believe it’s over. Those seven weeks went by fast.