Ok so watched the Sanctuary webisodes last night.

That feeling of déjà vu I mentioned where they’d maybe re-used footage? Yeah that was only on a couple of scenes, the bulk of it was different including 100% alternate origin of John Druitt.

I am so glad that they changed it to The Five and the source blood in the TV show. I mean I know if they hadn’t that I wouldn’t know any different and I would be cool with the time travelling teleporter story but without the Five there would be no Watson? No Tesla? TV show did good with that.

Ashley was distinctly weirder/more bloodthirsty than I remember from the show. That scene in the kitchen with her discussing the kills? That was downright creepy. I get maybe they were playing into her being Jack the Ripper’s daughter a little bit but I’m pretty sure they balanced that better in the actual show.

Honestly what stood out to me most was the incredibly obvious (and in some incidences absolutely awful) CGI. Now I know most of the sets on Sanctuary (even the normal looking ones) are CGI but while I can usually tell if I think about it, it’s well done enough that I can accept it/ignore it. These webisodes? Man I was laughing. I get that as webisodes the budget was probably significantly less and honestly I am amazed at what they managed. It’s just it was pretty bad.

The title sequence was cool. Clearly Sanctuary has a knack for that because it’s great in the regular show too.

Interesting that it ended on a cliffhanger which was kinda resolved on the TV show but also not really. These webisodes technically never happened as the events were rewritten. I guess perhaps maybe they were hoping that would help with getting a series pick-up/more funding to produce more webisodes if people were wondering what happened next.

I’m glad I watched them. I’ve done similar with the original SG-1 Children of the Gods and the remastered DVD they put out. Compare, contrast, it’s quite fascinating really.