The hero they deserve

6.13 Ill-Boding Patterns is going to be up there in the hall of fame of top episodes. I don’t think I’ve enjoyed an episode quite as much as this since season two. It was amazing. Finally Rumple in all his glory being shown on screen. Anyway, usual drill, spoilers under the cut as I go on a lot about everything that happened.

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Fathers and Sons

Right this shouldn’t be as long as last weeks due to the episode focus. However, I’m me so I still have apparently quite a lot to say. I’m actually going to do something that feels a little strange. I’m going to say something positive about Hook, or more accurately his storyline. Spoilers for episode 6.12 – Murder Most Foul under the cut.

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I live! aka how Once restored my hope with a single scene

You may or may not have noticed that I didn’t blog about the episode last week. The reason for that is because I didn’t watch it. I had access to the episode from Monday which I was supremely grateful for. However, I’d thoroughly spoiled myself with the liveblog, and the gifsets, and I just couldn’t face it. I didn’t want to watch the scenes with full sound and picture. I felt an incredible disconnect between what I felt, and what it was clear the writers wanted me to feel.

Anyway, when I woke up this morning I had a message saying episode 10 was amazing, which was the best news we’ve had all season. So I steered clear of tumblr to remain unspoiled for 6.10 – I wanted to see for myself and yikes, they really weren’t kidding. My expectations were admittedly low but well they have said repeatedly about “darkest before dawn” and this was like a ray of sunshine and sweet merlin we needed the boost. I might have got a bit incoherent because I was just so damn excited.

Spoilers for 6.09 and 6.10 under the cut and boy was 6.10 amazing!

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The Eye of the Storm

Last night I watched Sunday’s episode. It took me two hours because I kept having to pause it to make notes. You know I think tumblr did me a favor by taking the edge off because watching it was nowhere near as awful as I thought. Plus writing my fix-it fanfic, made me really try and get in Belle’s head and suddenly the episode started to make more sense.

Now I can’t speak as to the promo for next week because yikes that did look terrible. However, for Sunday’s episode? I said I would try to find some hope and you know what, I think I found some. It took me a while to persuade myself to write this up, I had so many notes and I’m lazy. However, I did it eventually.

Spoilers for 6.08 – I’ll Be Your Mirror under the cut.

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Open Sesame

Suddenly realized because this was so brief I wrote it on tumblr, rather than here first, and then I forgot to crosspost. I’ve not been well and I didn’t even take my usual notes when watching. Although it doesn’t matter so much because for my favorites it was a filler episode.

Spoilers under the cut for episode 6.05 – Street Rats.

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Love is Weakness

I haven’t read any tumblr posts on this episode yet, and in all honesty I’m a little scared to see peoples reactions. I have to confess my immediate reaction to the episode wasn’t exactly what I would call favorable, because on the surface it really looks kinda bad. However, this is what headcanon was made to deal with.

I’m tempted to write a fix-it fic because I can think of a way to explain it and turn it positive. However, having written it all out here in theory form, I’m not sure I can be bothered ooops. Anyway, here’s my rambling thoughts on episode 6.04 – Strange Case.

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Evil be thou Good

I know that quote comes from something creepy, and it probably doesn’t mean what I’m intending it to mean. However, ‘evil be thou good’ keeps popping into my head these days. It seems like watching Once Upon a Time has everything flipped in reverse. The ‘evil characters’ are more good, than the ‘good’ ones these days.

Spoilers for 6.03 – The Other Shoe, under the cut.

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