My favourite of your stories will always be the AMAZING gift you wrote for me! I still go back and read it along with the smutty one shot! *hugs* Thank you so much for writing fics for our fandom!

Awwww *hugs you* you are so welcome! You were the best giftee I think it’s possible to have. You certainly made RSS the most enjoyable gift exchange I’ve ever done. I’m so glad you enjoyed the verse 🙂


What is your favorite fic of mine?

Marina!Rumbelle, do you want children in the the future?




Belle: We … haven’t really discussed it. I don’t know if Evan wants to do it all over again.

Gold: Me sweetheart? What about what you want?

Belle: Well you have Neal, and Henry is ten and …

Gold: None of that has anything to do with what you want. You’re afraid we don’t want the same thing aren’t you? I like to think that we can always talk …

Belle: We can! I just … I never really thought that much about kids. I only ever wanted them with the right man and before you, I had sort of given up hope on finding him.

Gold: Oh Belle.

Belle: I do want a child Evan but only if that’s what you want. If it’s not then I’m happy just being the two of us. I want you, and what we have, more than some dream family.

Gold: I can think of nothing I’d like more than to have a child with you. I’m not so old that it would be unfair to them. You’ll make a wonderful mother.

Belle: You’re already an amazing father *kisses him* *slaps him lightly on the shoulder* and you’re not old.

Gold: *laughs and kisses her again* if you say so sweetheart.

Marina!Belle and Gold: Has Neal warmed up to your relationship yet?


Gold: *coughs*

Belle: Given how … against our relationship Neal and Emma were, I wasn’t expecting acceptance any time soon. However, I spoke with Emma when we were at the cabin and …

Gold: *groans* did you get the ‘talk’ as well? I can count on the fingers of one hand the number of times I’ve been that embarrassed.

Belle: The talk? Neal asked you about children?

Gold: He said it was clear that we were in love …

Belle: Yes Emma said the same.

Gold: He thought it was something we should discuss before we got married. *looks pained* apparently he’s just waiting on the date before arranging the bachelor party. He’s enjoying this way too much.

Belle: *sniggers* Sorry darling. You know strippers are often a feature of bachelor parties and hen nights. How about you tell Neal and I’ll tell Ruby that we’re arranging a private show of our own? That should put a stop to any of their more wilder ideas.

Gold: Excellent idea sweetheart. How about we … practice right now?

Marina!Belle, if Gold had offered a deal where he would have let you and everyone keep using the marina rent free if you slept with him, would you have done it? (We booth know Gold’s too woobie for that, but humour a curious Inky! XD)


(OOC that would be really out of character)

Belle: *splutters*

(OOC not sure how to answer this)

Belle: I’m thrown, honestly I don’t know what to say. Evan would never do that but I understand that we’re talking hypothetically. So in an alternate universe where Evan wasn’t Evan, and would do such a thing, would I say yes? *bites lip* I don’t think I would. I’m trying to imagine a circumstance where I would say yes, I would have to be both really desperate and acting on principle. I’ve done a lot of stupid things out of the ‘principle of the matter’.

Gold: For example leaving the marina rather than pay the rent.

Belle: Yes I suppose and that’s another point, I would always have that option. I guess the keyword is ‘everyone’ and acting to defend my friends … I might have said yes.

Gold: Really sweetheart? *he’s very skeptical*

Belle: It would have to be extreme circumstances but *bites lip again* Evan …?

Gold: Yes?

Belle: I love you as my loving, considerate boyfriend but perhaps for one night only we could … pretend? Your relentless glowering landlord act can be very sexy.

Gold: *coughs* Well Miss French, I’ve heard you wish to make a deal.

Conspiracy!Belle, what’s something Gold does that’s really cute and would shock the town if they knew he did it? (Like teddy bears on his fave pair of pj’s or something like that)


Evan’s pajamas are all solid dark colors – with buttons! I swear I am going to buy him a t-shirt one day. Anyway, I think that there are a lot of sweet things that Evan does which would shock the town, they don’t seem to believe he’s capable of being nice. For example, if it’s going to be cold in the morning, he always remembers to put my shoes and coat by the radiator so they are toasty warm. Little gestures like that mean the world, they mean he cares.

That wasn’t what you asked though, you asked what he did that was really cute. To be honest I can’t think of anything like the example you gave. All that comes to mind are things which just show him to be a loving and caring man. For instance he still has all of Neal’s teddy bears from when he was little, and you know about how he cut his hair to make Henry feel better?

I suppose, the town would be shocked at how affectionate Evan is. He’s very much a cuddler, not that I mind, there’s nothing more comforting than being wrapped in his arms and snuggling against him.