2022: Fandom Year in Review

So this year was a ride due to moving. Let’s see what I actually did 🙂

Fanfics written/posted: 4
Fanfics started: More than 4 haha
Fandoms written in: 4
Number of fanfic words written: 134,636
Fanart completed: 2
Gifsets posted: 27

Most Popular Fic = Dancing on Broken Glass (with a whopping 44 more kudos than the next closest fic)

Most Popular Gifset = – How it started vs how it’s going (Star Trek: Picard, Seven/Raffi) – 340 notes, 34 more than the next highest which was also Trek 🙂

Most Popular Fanart = Winter Advent 22 (Amanda Tapping, Stargate and Sanctuary mixed media) – 59 notes, so a 54 note difference

Links and rambling on everything under the cut 🙂

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Fandom, Creation and Me

With it being NaNo tomorrow I am doing update posts, and planning posts, and basically sorting everything out. It’s also something I do at the end of/start of every year. It’s part cleaning house, part goal setting.

This has been a funny year with moving house dominating all of it. I was just going to update my art goals, only to discover I didn’t make my customary end of December post because that was during the madness. Then I remembered I didn’t think I updated here either. I checked the archive and I did say I’d finally moved on September 13th but as to my fandom plans not a whisper. So I’m going to talk about it now!

Mid-April I made a post in which I said:

SO! My mission, should I choose to accept it bwahaha is to write EVERY SINGLE fanfic idea on my list (that I still want to write when I get to it) before the end of the year. Deadline December 31st. After that the slate is wiped clean. 

This started to go off the rails when I stopped writing in the summer. Some people write more when they are stressed as an escape. I wish I could say I was one of them but alas I unfortunately do my best turtle impression instead and basically very little gets done.

When I moved into my house that was a fresh start in the biggest way possible. I want – no I need – to make the most of that. I had to think about what serves me, and ultimately I decided to make my clean break then. So yeah, no more fanfic from me.

I have a few WIPs on my HD but thankfully due to my policy these days of not posting until stories are complete, that doesn’t matter. I do feel… I wanted those ideas to be brought to life as I do like them, but I had to make a choice about what was best for me, and wistful thoughts about what could have been aren’t going to change my mind.

So am I quitting fandom?


I’m still co-mod of Saffi Prompts and I intend to help with that if it comes out of hiatus. I’m still running Saffi Bingo, in as much as I sent out the cards months ago but nothing seems to have happened. I’m helping put together the 13th anniversary event for Bering and Wells next April.

I also just signed up for a Leverage Bingo Card because you see while my fanfic days are over, my fanart days are not.

I want to get into art in a big, big way. I feel like fanfic helped me a lot with my writing journey. Fanfic helped me see projects through from beginning to end, helped me produce on a schedule, helped me keep up the practice when my mental health wouldn’t permit me to write other things. I owe fanfic a lot. It’s my hope that fanart might fulfil the same function in terms of getting me started.

Now I know I’ve promised I would do art in the past and then haven’t done it. For years I have made it a goal to do 1 piece a month and I’ve never got close. I think the best I ever did was at the start of 2021 when I think I made it to April before I stopped.

That was before though, and the start of my writing journey was a similar tale. I went through a time when I wrote once a year – for NaNo – and didn’t write at all the rest of the time. It’s unthinkable now but that’s how it was. So just because I didn’t draw on the regular in the past, despite saying I would, doesn’t mean I will always fail at that.


No more fanfic from me. Expect fanart – eventually. I want to work through some art courses I have first before I go back to trying to draw what I imagine. Hopefully this will mean when I attempt those imagined pieces they will be better, and not as cringeworthy when I look back later as to how I ever dared post them on the internet.

P.S. What about gifsets?

Nearly forgot about that. Fandom Friday will not be returning. I don’t have the time. However, I’m not ruling out making sets when/if I feel inspired to do so.

2021: Fandom Year in Review

I haven’t done one of these in years, mostly because I really didn’t do anything for a long time. I’m not finishing this year on a particularly strong note as I sort of spluttered and shuddered to a halt in October and haven’t managed to restart the old engine 🙁

Anyway here’s a detailed breakdown and some mini statistics.

Fanfics written/posted: 14
Fanfics started: 17
Fandoms written in: 3
Number of fanfic words written: 211,726 (including WIPs)
Fanart completed: 4 (or 5 if I count that sketch which I don’t really)
Gifsets posted: 32

Most Popular Fic = and the Brighter Side of Life (with a whopping 52 more kudos than the next closest fic)

Most Popular Gifset = Car Stealing Etiquette (Black Widow / Cap: Winter Soldier Parallel) – 672 notes, a whopping 488 more than the next highest, thanks Marvel 🙂

Most Popular Fanart = The Proposal Part Two (Warehouse 13, Bering and Wells exchange) – 51 notes, so a 42 note difference there.

Links and rambling on everything under the cut 🙂

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2018 Creative Year in Review

I haven’t done any fic status updates all year because I haven’t been writing. I quit doing regular summaries after April 2017 and have only done two since. However, it’s the end of the year and time for a little introspection 🙂

Previous years: 20162017

– Coming home to you (Fitzsimmons, Agents of Shield) (Drawing)
– Blind taste-testing at home on Valentines Day (Rumbelle, Once) (Drawing)
– Finn and BB-8 (Star Wars) (Drawing)

– The Wedding Job (Rumbelle, Once)

– Time (Agents of Shield)
– The Spy Who Dumped Me (Haylexis, Castle) (Photo-manip)

– Ghost of a Memory (Garcy, Timeless) (prompt fill)
– Taboo Love (Garcy, Timeless) (prompt fill)

– Monstrare, Monere (Warehouse 13)

– Start of Something (Garcy, Timeless)
– Friends in Time (Garcy, Timeless)
– Jedi Rumbelle (Rumbelle, Once) (Drawing)

Words Posted: 24,207
Stories posted: 7
Verses created (multiple fics, same verse): 1
WIPs finished: 0
WIPs still to complete: 1
Art (drawings/photo-manips): 5

2017 Fanfic Year in Review

I haven’t done a fic status update since April because I haven’t really been writing. Therefore I figured there was no point in doing one of these but looking back the beginning of the year is saving me. The last several months have been a drought but the first few months were ok-ish. Anyway onwards!


Counting StarsChapter Two
Enter Sandman
All I Needed (Three Prompts, Two Prompts)
Once Upon a Lifetime (nsfw)
Painting Layers of LoveChapter Eight
Fall All Over AgainChapter Four (nsfw)
Full Circle
Under My SkinHands All Over (nsfw)
Random Ficlets (How can anyone not be afraid of loveI didn’t intend to kiss youIf you want we could go together (attached ask), Please don’t make me socialize)
The Price We Pay (Why are we whispering?Wishing Well)


Under My Skin: Chapter Two
The Price We Pay (Three PromptsThree Prompts)
Counting StarsChapter Three
Belle and Gold Dance (Drawing)
A Little Insurance
Another Second Chance
Sweet Masquerade (nsfw)
Painting Layers of LoveChapter Nine
Bless the Broken Road
Fall All Over AgainChapter Five (nsfw)


The Price We Pay: Belle saves the day
Across the Stars

Painting Layers of LoveChapter Ten
Brighter Days (Rushbelle, nsfw)
– The Auction (nsfw)
Last Friday Night (nsfw)
Highway to Hell (Lachacy, nsfw)
Happy Anniversary (nsfw)
What Makes You Different (nsfw)
To Be Loved (nsfw)
Costume Party
This Afternoon (nsfw)
The Quest (Rumbelle/Rushbelle/GoldenLace, nsfw)

Dream Come True
Bright Lights
Missing scene ficlet (Captain America: Civil War)

Things never seem so bleak after a cup of tea (Drawing)

True Love Ways
Miracles Happen
Random ficlets
More ficlets

Star Force Laceskin Poster (Photo Manip)

Cuddling to keep warm (Drawing)

The Price We Pay: Don’t Call Me That
I Believe My Heart (GlassBeliever)

Words Posted on AO3: 218,474
Stories posted: 24
Verses created (multiple fics, same verse): 2
WIPs finished: 3
WIPs still to complete: 2 (+ 1 prompt verse)
Art (drawings/photo-manips): 4