So Ahsoka is 5 days away (and yes the countdown is completely necessary 😛)

But the Lego Ghost is 2 weeks away and I am so damn torn up about it.

I have never pre-ordered any Lego. There is no benefit to doing so. I’m not getting extra VIP (soon to be called Insider) points for future discounts, there is no cool ‘gift with purchase’. It makes no sense to do it.

What I usually do with my Lego purchases is reverse order buy. So sets that have been out the longest (or are retiring first) I prioritise. The theory is I still have time for the others. Although as they bring out new sets all the time there are always sets I would like that I just can’t budget for (still sad about the Tantive but never mind).

I also sometimes get sets “out of order” if there is a really good discount, or there is a discount + it’s at a more manageable price point. I adore Lego but it’s stupid expensive. I have a ceiling limit and won’t go above it, however cool the set is. With my budget it just feels ridiculous (for me) to drop above a certain amount on a single set. When I can’t sleep and I dream about winning the lottery a big part is always that I would buy so much Lego hehe 😉

Anyway I am rambling. I just keep going to the Lego store page and staring at it. From the moment I came out of my “dark age” and learned that I had missed out on the original Lego Ghost I was sad. I tried to BrickLink some pieces and cobbled together a build (not colour correct and no minifigs). It’s my favourite Star Wars ship, it’s the Ghost! I want it so much but logic says to wait. If I wait it will probably instantly go out of stock, that often happens with pre-orders.

It’s going to be on the shelves for at least a year. There will be a deal, a double VIP points event, a gift with purchase etc. Waiting is the smart move and yet I am still thinking about it.

Recently I got Kanan as a minifig off BrickLink. Twice what I ideally like to spend on a minifig but I made the average work out to be correct by getting 3 other minifigs from the same store. I got Ezra (and Chopper, and the original Phantom) off eBay. Had to pay +50% on original RRP which sucks (it is both cool and annoying that Lego is so valuable second hand) but at least for such a small set that wasn’t too painful. Chopper is also in the new Ghost set with Hera. If I want Sabine I’ll need to get the Jedi ship set as well (they split them to be purposefully evil I swear). Hera’s minifig costs too much on BrickLink for her Rebels version. Sabine is iffy as helmets are an issue. I would be fine with the new versions of both if I can swing it. Shame about Sabine’s hair colours though. Zeb is just never happening. He’s not in the new sets and is crazy money on BrickLink. Still eventually 5/6 Spectres is pretty cool.

Eventually – key word there. I should wait. It’s smarter to wait. I do have impulse control. It’s just The Ghost! Aaaaand around I go in circles again.


I am so excited 🤩🤩🤩

Star Wars Rebels = my favourite Star Wars media.

I (like a lot of people) had a ‘dark age’ when it came to Lego and the run of Rebels sets happened before I came back to Lego which I have been crushed by ever since my return 🙁 they are impossible to get secondhand for a decent price. Usually they go for 2-5x what the original RRP was and I just can’t.

Obviously this new version of the Ghost doesn’t have the original minifigs but there is a version of Hera and Chopper. Both Zeb and Sabine appear in Ahsoka so might appear in a different set. So sadly that leaves Ezra and Kanan missing.

There is a JACEN minifig! He doesn’t have the green hair which… to be honest I am a bit disappointed about. I hoped he would as an inherited manifestation from his mum, but we’ll have to see. He hasn’t appeared beyond 5 seconds at the end of the Rebels finale so I withhold judgement.

September 1st this comes out.

I try and be strategic with my purchases to get the biggest bang for my buck. I wait for sales or if there is a good “gift with purchase” but I don’t know if I will be able to wait 😂 it’s the Ghost!!

I’m kinda bummed we didn’t get a Red Shield carrying Lego Marvel Black Widow minifig now in the collection of 12.

Personally I’d have replaced the gross zombie!Cap with her *shudder* but then I am very anti-zombies because I’m the worlds biggest wimp. Anyway considering the gold Gamora was only in the last episode, and didn’t say much, I do feel that badass last-woman standing shield-carrying Natasha Romanov would have been a better choice.

Natasha is one of my favourite characters though so I am probably pre-disposed to think that. Don’t get me wrong I do like Gamora it’s just I have feelings about last-survivor Natasha.

I should see if there is fanfic to read…

Had another excursion for ‘gambling’ aka Lego Marvel minifigures.

No repeats this time. I got 2 more of the figures I wanted (Bucky & Scarlet Witch), and 2 more that I wasn’t bothered about (Loki & Sylvie).

So I’m still missing Monica Rambeau and White Vision. Technically there’s still Zombie!Cap and whatever that version of Gamora is but I’m not worried about those. In fact I actively don’t want the zombie one *shudder*.

Ultimately though I am 8/9 on unique minifigs which isn’t bad as things go. It’s a little disconcerting as I was wrong in my guess on 2 of them (so I’m just lucky that they weren’t duplicates). Hopefully when I go next week I’ll be lucky again and finally get the last 2.