So I just saw a petition for “Make Star Trek: Legacy with Matalas as showrunner” and it has about 66 thousand signatures…

To be hyperbolic I would rather gouge out my own eyes with a rusty spoon than watch anything that man had a hand in ever again.

Make Star Trek: Legacy but give it to anyone BUT him.

Season Three of Picard was truly awful for reasons which have been enumerated many times. More like that? No thank you.

Honestly I don’t even understand the point of this petition. Who started it? For what reason? Star Trek: Legacy has been so heavily hinted that if development allows (filming schedules etc.) it’s a pretty sure thing. Strange New Worlds took a year or so from being a “you guys would like that?” To being made/announced. These things take time. Just because it isn’t big news right now, doesn’t mean it’s not developing behind the scenes.

It just feels like an ego boost to be honest for Matalas. I wouldn’t be surprised if he hadn’t made it himself to go “look they like my work” and obviously 66 thousand people do. I certainly do not.

So for StarTrekFemSlash week I am contemplating:

Seven and Raffi – obviously – I mean in my heart they are kinda “the main event” hehehe.

Keyla Detmer and Joann Owosekun (Jola) – because they are so obviously canon despite not being canon and deserve all the love.

Seven and B’elanna – because I hadn’t really thought about it until I saw some people talking about it and then yeah, I liked the idea.

Kira Nerys and Jadzia Dax – just because I don’t know it’s fun and certainly better than most of their canon boyfriends that I have seen (not quite reached season 4 yet as apparently Worf joins in season 4 and I am trying to watch all of TNG first).

Not sure what I will manage (especially with my current health) but I like turning the possibilities over in my brain.

To be honest sometimes I think I like contemplating projects more than putting in the work to make them real 🤣 after all there is endless potential in the unrealised – it could be great! – rather than the sad reality of my skills or lack thereof 🙃

Anyway I watched a really amazing YouTube video recently which broke down art into various skills in a very clear and understandable way. I have always tried to make the best final product I can which means a lot of ‘cheating’ in terms of some basic foundational skills. I trace rather than properly understand form etc. So I am thinking thinky thoughts about how to move forward in my art journey and whether I can bear to produce something that looks worse, but is done without the crutches and will therefore hopefully develop my skill longterm.

I suppose as my absolute dream is to be able to pick up a pencil and just draw something. I really should work on those foundational skills or I will never be able to do that.

Considering looking back at the utter garbage drawings I posted a few years ago (I did one that took me like 30 hours but was appalling for a gift exchange!!) I am so embarrassed. But maybe as I did that perhaps I should not worry so much about moving into a more ‘natural’ drawing area and it not being so good with proportions etc. while I practice to improve. I don’t know.

Librarians prompt month list is also up and I think 18/30 prompts speak to me on some level. So that will be interesting. Again not sure what I will manage to do and the deadline for that is July posting, whereas I think the Trek is September? So I need to organise myself accordingly.

Now if I could just stop feeling so damn tired that would be helpful!

Fly high or will I fall? Legends made when faith is strong Say my name, No time to plead Say my name, I’m conquering While I’m alive, I’ll push through the pain, I’ll run for the prize

Wings are made to fly, made to fly (made to fly) Fears are born to die, born to die (born to die) Pushin’ through the pain, through the pain (through the pain) Pushin’ through, breakin’ through Whatever it takes, what I gotta do Givin’ my all, givin’ all that I’ve got Never will stop ’til I get to the top

Never gonna keep me down (never keep me) Still the one that’s standin’ now (never falling) Destiny is callin’ me Go down in history Every day I’ll fight to be


If I made FanVids (haven’t done that since… it’s been a decade or two) I would totally use this song and just make a video of the ships in Trek. When they are damaged, when they keep on flying against all the odds. When their crew has faith and the ship holds.

Maybe I’ll make a gifset when I have the spoons.

But yes Legendary.




Thinking about her.*

*The USS Voyager, the ship that flew farther than any other, sent to the Fleet Museum to rest. But can she? Can the ship that never knew the safety of harbor find peace as an exhibit, a display, a starship that can no longer explore the stars? Is she okay? Is she depressed? Are her gelpacks that healthy blue or have they turned sickly green and no one can figure out why, languid processing and connectivity, organic circuitry behaving erratically and sometimes failing to perform even basic tasks? Do her darkened corridors echo with the memories of a crew that celebrated and mourned and fought and made up and cared about the journey, cared about her, their home? Do the other ships know what that was like — to be a home, not a posting? The other ships don’t have bio-neural circuitry, so they don’t seem to register where they are or what’s happening. But Voyager does. Voyagerknows where she is and why. Is she okay, though? Is she?

Brb just imagining white-haired retired B’elanna stepping onto the ship and it just, hums in excitement, and all the panels light up as she walks from the transporter room to main engineering and when she gets there the console by the warp core is flashing the message WELLCOME BACK and she does that cute lil smirk as she swipes the message away and asks the ship if she’s been treated nicely over the years

Okay but now I’m picturing Naomi constantly visiting and B’Elanna gets Naomi’s entire starfleet academy history from a VERY EXCITED ship.

Not gonna lie the whole fleet museum concept, and Geordi being the dad who restores the classic car in the garage on weekends, just had me imagining.

Like StarFleet has a lot of ships. Only ones that they consider to be the prime example of their class – the ones that made their mark on history get a place in the fleet museum.

So obviously the chief engineers of those ships are very protective and want their ships looking the best they can be. Like I know it was a budget thing but I am just howling at how all of those fleet ships like Voyager are probably as pristine and ready to fly as if they were brand new, and they could have taken any/all of them to save the day as they are just perfect.

If anything happens like a rogue ion storm, you betcha that practically every retired engineer in StarFleet would descend on the museum. B’elanna would maximum warp it to the fleet museum, metaphorical wrench in hand, because Voyager has her quirks, a personality, and only she really gets her. So recalibrate, reset, make it good as new. And it would be like that with all ships. Engineers would get older, they would retire, they might spend even more time at the fleet museum tending to their beloved ship.

When the Chief passed on (like Scotty for Kirk’s Enterprise), another Engineer would self-appoint the task because they are our ships, they saved us when we needed them and dammit one day they might be called on to save us again. The old “they don’t make them like they used to” but also because those ships were home. More than transport. Pike said he has faith in the Enterprise that it would hold. Janeway had faith in Voyager. B’elanna made sure Voyager held together. It might have been metaphorical duct tape and dreams, a lot of the time (along with a hell of a lot of skill) but Voyager was a safe harbour in a strange land. She was home when home was an impossible dream, and she got them back.

I may have to write fic about Seven taking Voyager because if it’s about faith in a ship, then she would know that Voyager had a lot to give and could be trusted. That if any ship could stand against impossible odds and win the day it would be Voyager.

I don’t know I just have a lot of feelings about the ships, and the Chief Engineers who poured their heart and soul into them, and how the ship just became something more, something they could believe in.



So at its best, Star Trek is a franchise that makes one think. About moral, ethical, philosophical, anthropological, humanistic, and scientific questions.

Which is why I think I found Picard season 3 to be SO frustrating. Everything else aside, it seemed to be a season that *aggressively* didn’t want the audience to think. Not about the simplest questions (where is Troi and Riker’s daughter? Why wouldn’t you contact that other Borg Queen that is your friend? Why are the changelings working with the Borg anyway?) and *certainly* not about anything morally or ethically complicated, about, say, war crimes, or the securitization of the Federation, or the implications of everyone just going along with something as jingoistic as “Frontier Day,” or about whether there might be any solution to a problem besides just killing your enemies. 

There was no thought in that season. It was nostalgic blither that quieted everything queer, that quieted any meaningful growth the TNG characters had beyond TNG (the only exception being the world’s most boring nepo baby who was The Most Important Thing). It didn’t want you to think, it didn’t want you to ask questions, it certainly didn’t want you to imagine a better world.

It was profoundly disappointing. 

And it’s frustrating because it could have talked meaningfully about the implications of, say, the attempted genocide on the Changelings. But it didn’t seem interested in fleshing it out beyond a “Hey, remember that thing from Deep Space Nine? Here it is again!” kind of a way.

(via the-goofball)

#sighing forever#I am so salty#I do think about all this stuff and I think a good chunk of the reason season 3 sucked so much is because the characters didn’t#like that’s storytelling 101 if you introduce something there needs to be a payoff#if there are no consequences then why plot? it doesn’t have any gravity or weight and is ultimately meaningless

Someone on discord is semi-live blogging watching Star Trek Beyond. I am not sure if it’s their first viewing of that particular movie or not but it made me nostalgic.

Kelvin movies have a bad rep mostly I think? The whole “not real Trek” thing but I grew up pretty sheltered from sci-fi. I could read whatever I wanted but we only had the one TV and so I watched what my mum watched. To be honest it didn’t really occur to me to try anything until I had moved out and a whole new world (well galaxies haha 😛) opened up.

So I was 19. Definitely old enough I could have watched at least Enterprise when it was on for real, if not Voyager, but the first Kelvin movie was the first Star Trek I ever saw. Eventually it gave me the itch and I had Netflix by then and tried TOS (intending to go chronologically). I think I made it 2 episodes before I looked up what was the most recent (Enterprise) and skipped to that. Enterprise kinda killed Trek for me for a while until another Kelvin movie came out and I was like “Trek is cool, I want more Trek!” and then there was Discovery and suddenly I was starving. Voyager, DS9, TNG, all the TV movies – everything. I am a total obsessed fan now. I love it. I mean I’m critical sometimes but that’s just because I love it.

And it all started with those Kelvin movies that people bash for not really being Trek. Idk just makes me think.

It’s a bit like how people draw a line between old and new Trek, and you aren’t a real fan if you only watch Discovery or something. Like I get it because vibes/storytelling methods. I mean it’s episodic vs arc etc. and we can definitely debate the pros and cons of approaches. I do think modern Trek has lost some things and /cough less said about the most recent Picard the better

But I rec Prodigy very much. The finale was just… that is what Frontier Day wished it could have been. The speech Gwen gave about the meaning of the Federation was as close to the essence of Trek I think I have ever heard on screen.

And it has holo Janeway and Admiral Janeway for all your Janeway needs.

I found Prodigy very slow to get into. I was iffy about it until nearer the end of season 1 when it just sort of came together.

Lower Decks unfortunately I can’t click with. I think it’s that I have a weird sense of humour. So I don’t find it funny.

The tumblr posts about it are A+ though.

Something I am wondering about today.

I just googled about the Illyrians as SNW is set pretty early in Treks active timeline. So I wondered how things were for them Picard+ era but there’s nothing?

All the Memory Alpha page has is that Archer and co ran into an Illyrian ship, and stole their warp core when they said no because the Enterprise had the greater need, and then what little SNW added to the lore in season 1.

So do you think that Illyrian’s are still outcasts in the 25th century? Inquiring minds want to know.