Ok how can I bombard Disney now that there is more Clone Wars that they really, really, really, really super need to make more Star Wars: Rebels?

I mean The Ghost had a cameo on Scarif and you just know that later on after the rivalry started that Han never let Hera hear the end of how he swooped in and helped Luke destroy the Death Star.

So they could totally do all the Rebel background stuff surrounding the OT.

OR we could get a kinda spinoff with Sabine and Ahsoka hunting down Ezra and Thrawn. I mean there’s still a big mystery there. Sure this would be less Hera which is sad but more Ahsoka which is good.

OR if they want to move things along then please tell me what happened with Spectre 7. Give us an older Hera working with General Leia and Jacen as the Ghost pilot who totally survived Kylo Ren’s tantrum but has turned away from the force (like his father did after Order 66). I didn’t get on with Star Wars: Resistance but that doesn’t mean they can’t try again with a different show surrounding the ST.

I just really super miss my Rebel crew :/

What if Jacen Syndulla was the third member of the trio?

Don’t get me wrong I love Poe Dameron. Seriously I don’t want to imagine Star Wars without him but I was up early, 7am sunday morning doing the ironing, and into my head popped “that’s one hell of a pilot!” and suddenly it hit me.

In my Rise of Skywalker review I said I wish that the movies would make good use of existing canon rather than just inventing new stuff all the time.

Now I’m not talking about changing the plot/story arc of any of the movies even though there are some things I don’t like. I’m just talking about tweaking little details. It would have been a huge screaming moment for fans of the expanded canon and it wouldn’t have been any different really for more casual fans of the movies.

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